Longmead Philatelics

2d Blue (OG) Plate 1- Fine Used  4 good to large margins

.Fine Black MX   -£315  SOLD



2d Blue (MD) Plate 1 cancelled by an excellent strike of a definate RUBY MX  -Superb appearance with 4 good to large margins.  Very faint trace of  slight soil (crease line which is barely visible) but otherwise a most appealing stamp

SG.Spec.D1ue    Cat £7000--£575  SOLD



2d Blue (SL) Plate1 in a slightly deeper shade. Very fine used cancelled by a very fine MX- 4 very good to wide margins -£325

2d Blue (RH) Plate 1 - Very Fine used cancelled by an excellent strike of black MX. 4 good to wide margins-Attractive--  £345   SOLD

2d Pale Blue (KC) Plate 1 - Nicely cancelled by neat light black MX.  4 good to wide margins - £260    SOLD


2d Blue (KJ) Plate 1 -very Fine used, cancelled by a fine Red MX-  4 well clear to wide margins  - £210  SOLD

2d Blue (MA) Plate 1 -cancelled by a deep bright red MX. 4 good to wide margins-  £320  SOLD

2d Blue (CF) Plate 1 showing variety shifted transfer at base- Very fine with 4 good to wide margins canceeld by good black MX. Cat £950--  £295

2d Blue (FJ) Plate 1, Fine used with 4 good margins cancelled by black MX-- £190  SOLD

2d Pale Blue (EG-EI) Horiz strip of 3-- of superb appearance with clear to huge margins all around. EI  has a pressed vertical soiled crease- There is also a  light repiared thin at top between EG-EI, but this not particularly visible -Very appealing-£575  SOLD


2d Blue (GF) Plate 1 cancelled by London Inland numeral- Fine used with 4 close to good margins-

-Cat £2500-   £175.   SOLD