Longmead Philatelics

2d Blue (FL) Plate 2 -Very Fine used- 4 good to wide margins cancelled by excellent strike of Black MX--£345

2d Blue (RH) Plate 2  in a deeper shade- clearly showing the constant variety mark in top left square-Fine with 4 good to wide margins-cancelled by part Red MX which leaves profile clear--£245   SOLD



2d Blue (OE) Plate 2 : showing "E" Double. Fine used with 4 well clear to large margins and cancelled by a Red MX-scarse as such Cat £1750- £260  SOLD

2d Blue (EE) Plate 2 -cancelled by  good strike of Red MX : 4 good to large margins- Cat £1750- £250   SOLD

2d Blue (EJ-EL) Plate 2 horizontal strip of 3. Cancelled  by very good strikes of black MX

- 4 good to wide margins---- £660  SOLD

2d Blue (NH) Plate 2- Fine used- 4 very good margins -Good strike Black MX -- £220  SOLD

2d Blue (LF) Plate 2 cancelled by 795 numeral of Thirsk. 4 well clear to good margins-  Cat £2500-- £310


2d Blue (FA-FB) Plate 2 horiz pair-Letter "F"  clearly Double - Very Fine used each cancelled by neat Black MX. 4  Good to wide margins. Clean fresh and attractive  Cat £2500-  £495    SOLD