Longmead Philatelics
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5/- Rose Plate 1 -Very Fine used cancelled by Lombard Exchange CDS- Clean and fresh with good colour

SG.126   Cat £675   -  £220

5/- Rose Plate 1 -cancelled by fine full upright Newmarkey Grandstand CDS for April 18--1872-- unusually good colour.

Sg.126    Cat £657--  £220  SOLD

5/-Rose Plate 2 -Superb used cancelled by lovely full strike of Fort William CDS- Exceptional and very appealing

SG.127   Cat £1500-- £520  SOLD

5/- Rose Plate 2 - Nicely cancelled by Sheffield CDS -centered a litlle to lower right-otherwise fine

SG.127   Cat £1500  - £285

5/- Rose Plate 3 -Fine used cancelled by Lothbury St CDS cancels- clean and fresh

SG.126   Cat £1500 -- £245

10/- Greenish Grey Wk.MX- Nicely used canceklled by Vigo Street CDS.

Good colour-clean and fresh

SG.128   Cat £3200  - £685

10/- Greenish Grey Wk MX - Very attractive, neatly cancelled by St.Peters-Manchester CDS. Has  faint pressed out crease-virtually invisible to the naked eye.

SG.128   Cat £3200  £550

10/- Greenish Grey Wk MX- Fine sound used cancelled by Dundee CDS cancels

SG.128  Cat £3200-- £550   SOLD

10/- Greenisg Grey Wk.MX- Fine quite neatly used, especially for issue. cancel leaving most of head clear-Good colour

SG.128   Cat £3200  -- £385  

10/- Greenish Grey Wk MX

Of reasonably good apearance.Slightly soiled and small perf/corner faults

SG.128   Cat £3200    - £185   - SOLD

£1 Brown Lilac  Wk MX -cancelled by  fine Vere Street CDS. Light soils/stains in left margin (by "V" of Vere) -but otherwise above average colour and quite attractive.

SG.129    Cat £4500  -  £585  SOLD

10/- Greenish Grey Wk.Anchor- Fine used cancelled by Manchester York St CDS. Ever such a small trace of crayon mark lower left corner (barely visible) - otherwise sound

SG.135  Cta £4500   £675   SOLD

10/- Greenisg Grey Wk.Anchore- Nicely used canceled by a fine York St-Manchester : has a pressed out crease, barely visible even on close inspection

SG.135    Cat £4500-- £675  SOLD

10/- Greenish Grey Wk.Anchor-Cancelled by single Registered cancel-Some very minor unobttrusive  imperfections/soils but otherwsie good colour.

SG.135   Cat £4500  - £525  SOLD

£5 Orange quite neatly cancelled by Manchester Accounts CDS Cancels. Some small perf faults lower right and some lower centre pers somewht blunt

SG.137 Cat £4750   - £975.   SOLD


£5 Orange of good appearance cancelled by Edinburgh CDS, but has a slight corner soil/repair (not obvious)-Good colour

SG.137  Cat £4750  - £1100   SOLD

£1  Brown Lilac Wk MX -cancelled by Glasgow CDS-Good deep colour-Unusually good perfs and  centering-Has a light pressed out crease-not visible to the naked eye. SG.129 Cat £4500--  £875


£5 Orange - Fine used cancelled by Belfast CDS + small parts on cancels at right edge--Good colour-fresh appearance.

SG.137 Cat £4750-- £1850  SOLD