Longmead Philatelics




10/- Ultram in a deep shade superb used cancelled by v.fine Paignton CDS-Very attractive

SG.183   Cat £525---£225

2/6 Lilac overprinted Cancelled

Reasonably good mint with original gum- but has some small perf faults ar centre right-scarce

Cat £4000---£325   SOLD

5/- Rose overprinted Specimen Type 9-- Very Fine Mint

Clean and fresh  -Excellent original gum

SG.180s Cat £450---  £140


5/- Crimson in a lovely bright shade cancelled by Cattle Market-Deptford CDS-Superb

SG.181  Cat £250--£105  SOLD

5/- Rose-superb used cancelled by Ipswich CDS-Clean fresh and attractive

SG.180  Cat £250   -  £90  

5/- Rose, in a brighter/deeper shade- Fine used cancelled by Shanklin CDS

SG.180-- £65  - SOLD

5/-Crimson in an exceptionally deep colour-Fine used cancelled by Barrow-in-Furness CDS

SG.181   Cat £250   £72  - SOLD

5/- Crimson in a very deep shade cancelled by Stockport PP CDS -some slight peripheral soil and a bit off centre

SG.181  Cat £250  -  £14   SOLD

10/- Ultamt Very Fine used cancelled by a fine Dundee CDS.

Fresh, clean and attractive

SG.181.   Cat £525 --£190

10/- Ultram -superb used cancelled by George St-Edinburgh CDS - Just the very faintest trace of  red marks top left corner (needs glass to spot)
SG.183   Cat £525   -- £165

10/- Ultram-Good used cancelled by Sunderland CDS (+very light part straight line)

SG.183    Cat £525   -  £68

5/- Rose on Blued Paper nicely cancelled by Norton Folgate CDS

Has 2003 Brandon cert stating "pressed out crease"-barely visible to the naked eye.

SG.176   -  Cat £4000 -- £345  SOLD

5/- Rose On Blued Paper - an interesting stamp . Has  2002 Brandon Cert stating "  faded script cancel and Inspectors  cancel (inland numeral type -without number in cancel Horizonta crease" but  this is difficult to spot

SG.176    Cat £4000      -  £ 225  SOLD

2/6 & 5/- each cancelled  with  neat Middlesborough CDS

SG.178+180  Cat £410   -- £85   SOLD

2/6 Lilac -Block of 4 each with Bradford Yorks CDS. The block has very realistic blueing but have considered this fortuois

Cat £1100 as block of 4--  £95  - SOLD

2/6 Lilac (KA) - Very Good mint with  good original gum- Fresh clean facial appearance-Clean print

SG.178    Cat £600  -  £120

5/- Crimson (JE) -Superb Unmounted Mint- Excellent uncreased and untoned original gum. Clean fresh facial appearance

SG.181   Cat £975 - £525

5/- Rose (KD) Unmounted Mint-super fresh appearance-Gum has a light gum wrinkle lower left corner but is otherwise very fine

SG.180   -  Cat £1100  - £195  SOLD

5/- Crimson -Unmounted mint and of fine fresh appearance but has a horizontal crease

SG.181   Cat £975   £95  SOLD

10/- Ultram (JD) Unmounted mint

Superb appearance -gum has a very light corner gum wrinkle but is otherwise excellent -A very fine stamp with lovely fresh print.

SG.183a   - Cat £2500- --  £545. - SOLD

10/- Pale Ultram (NG) - Very good mint - Good original gum (appears to be unmounted)

SG.183  Cat £2250--   £395. - SOLD

10/- Ultram -Corner marginal Unmounted Mint. Some light gum creasing/wrinkles -mostly lower right and also affecting the margin - otherwisefresh and clean print

SG.183    Cat £2250 -- £625  SOLD