Longmead Philatelics



1915 5/- Bright Carmine -Superb Unmounted Mint- Clean fresh and attractive.   SG.409   Cat £1100  -£395

1915 5/- Bright Carmine in a deep shade- Very good used cancelled by CDS

SG.409     Cat £400    --  £74


1915 2/6  De La Rue Seahorse in an most unusual vivid and bright shade of yellow brown- Superb mint with omly the faintest trace of hinge visible. A lovely item

 £240  SOLD

1915 2/6 Sepia Brown- Unmounted Mint -has a small grit spot in gum otherwise fine

SG.408  Cat  550  £190

1915 2/6 Grey Brown showing the Re-entry - Unmounted Mint with fine uncreased original gum. A couple slightly shortish perfs otherwise fine. Has a clear 1983 RPS Cert

SG.407a   Cat £3000---£595.    SOLD

1915 5/- Bright Carmine - Unmounted mint (usual streaky gum) -appears to have a little perf recutting top left

Otherwise good colour and attractive

SG.409  Cat  £650 --- £145   SOLD

1915 10/- Plae Blue - Unmounted Mint -some very slightly shortish perfs (still better than most) otherwise well centered and attractive clean appearance

SG.413    Cat £4250   £875.  - SOLD

1915 10/- Blue in a brighter shade - Mint with original gum but perfs thinned and repaired at part of left side

SG. 412   Cat £4000   £325  SOLD

1915 2/6 Yellow Brown- Fine used cancelled by light central CDS - much above average

SG.406   Cat £225    £48

1915 2/6 Yellow Brown (slighly deeper shade)-Very Good used cancelled by CDS

SG.406  Cat £225  - £34

1915 5/- Bright Carmine - Very Fine used cancelled by fine small neat steel CDS.
SG.409   Cat £400    £125  SOLD

1915 10/- Blue Seahorse-Fine used cancelled by neat CDS-Good perfs and centering-Clean,  fresh & attractive

SG.412  Cat £875     £345

1915 10/- Blue Seahorse -shows misplaced Wk showing part of POSTAGE Wk at top

Cancelled bu indistint part CDS -some slight soils

SG.412    Cat £875   -- £95

1915 10/- Deep Blue Seahorse -Superb used cancelled by small  neat light central CDS-Attractive

SG.411   Cat £1000    £365  SOLD

1915 10/- Deep Blue Seahorse -Nicely cancelled by small neat CDS

Centered a little high- minor soils at base

SG.411  Cat £1000   -  £235

1915 10/- Deep Blue Seahorse -cancelled by CDS but has a little soiling

SG411   Cat £1000   - £78  SOLD

1915 10/- Blue Seahorse in a deeper brighter shade - Very Good used cancelled by 119 Regent St CDS.

SG.412 Cat £875   £145 

1915 10/- Pale Blue Seahorse - Superb used cancelled by small neat light CDS

Good perfs and centering.

SG.413   Cat £875   £360

1915 10/- Pale Blue Seahorse -neatly used cancelled by neat part CDS. Some minor soils  and little off centre but still an attractive stamp

SG.412   Cat £875  -  £155  SOLD


1915 2/6 Grey Brown -Corner Unmounted marginal Mint, Super fresh, clean appearance- gum  just a trifle streaky but still good for these.

SG.407  Cat £700  -  £260  SOLD


1915 2/6 Pale Yellow Brown - super appearance cancelled by lovely Hayley Hill- Halifax CDS- but has some perf repairs/soils- still a very attractive stamp  Cat £275-- £35  SOLD

1915 2/6 Bright yellow Brown-of lovely appearance cancelled by Liverpool-Late Fee CDS- some small perf faults/repairs/soils-- still attractive  Cat £275-- £35  SOLD

1915 Deep Grey Browm (Dark Brown) Cancelled by  CDS- some small perf faults/trimms  SG.407  Cat 300-- £18  SOLD