Longmead Philatelics




1918 2/6 Reddish Brown on Ribbed paper showing the Re-entry 1/1 -Corner crease in top left of its  margin.The stamp is unmounted but has a  small natural impurity on reverse of paper/gum-otherwise fine

SG. Spec N65a   Cat £850----£375

1918 5/- Rose Red marginal mint -Stamp unmounted (light trace of hinge in margin)- Light corner crease and small impurity spec in gum

SG.416     Cat £450    £65   SOLD

1918 10/- Dull Grey Blue- mounted mint. Super fresh clean facial appearance

SG.417      Cat £475    £130

1918 2/6 Pale Brown showing the Re-entry N.65f Pl.2 R1/3-Very Good used-- Has a clear 1980 RPS Cert when it was listed as N65(4)b-

Cat £300---£115

1918 2/6 Reddish Brown very good used cancelled by 2x Blaby CDS cancels.   SG.415   Cat £70    -£6.  SOLD


1918 2/6 Choc Brown very Fine Unmounted Mint

Clean and fresh - Good original gum

SG.414   Cat £325    £115  SOLD

1918 2/6d  Choc Brown (Dull Sepia) Very fine  lightly mounted mint

SG.414   Cat £160  -- £44

1918 2/6 Reddish Brown -Mounted mint (very little sign of hinge), Centered to left otherwsie fine clean and fresh

SG.415   Car £160-- £48

1918 5/-Rose Red -Mint corner marginal- A very minor/faint corner soil -otherwise fine lightly mounted mint.

SG.416   Cat £ 325   £88

1918 5/- Rose carmine - Unmounted mint--odd shortish perf otherwise fien

SG.416   Cat £475     £115  SOLD

1918 5/- Rose Carmine -Fine fresh unmounted mint -exceptionally clean and fresh

SG.416   Cat £475   - £150

1918 5/- Rose Red -Fine unmounted mint

SG.416   Cat £475   £165

1918 5/ Rose Red -superb mint - with very little if any trace of hinge

SG.416   Cat £325    £85

1918 10/- Dull Blue -Unmounted Mint- odd very slightly shortish perf-otherwise very fine-Clean and fresh-Excellent original gum

SG.417   Cat £850   - £270

1918 10/- Dull Grey Blue corenr marinal mint of an interesting nature= The stamp is printed in a weak/worn powdery shade Also shows the Re-entry (R1/1)

The stamp is unmounted (Mounted in margin only)

Teeny perf fault- a super item

SG,. 4172   Cat £2250   £545  SOLD

1918 2/6 Olive Brown (in a deeper richer shade) Superb used cancelled by neat part Bromley leaving head clear.CDS

SG 413a  Cat £100  -£25  SOLD

1918 5/- Rose Red in a nice bright shade Fine used cancelled by Dartford  Kent CDS

SG.416   Cat £135   £15  SOLD

1918 10/- Dull Blue in a super deep shade-Very Fine used cancelled by neat 149 Regents St CDS.

SG.417   Cat £175  -£82

1918 10/- Blackish Blue - in an exceptional deep indigo unquestionalble shade. Fine used cancelled by 1932 CDS

SG. N71(3)   Cat £400  £120  SOLD

1918 2/6 Reddish Brown -Good used block of 4-cancelled by CDS cancels-some slight reverse soils   £45

1918 5/- Rose Carmine Block of 4 Very fine used block of 4 each with Guernsey CDS- An unusual shade which at first glance looks like a Waterlow shade (used in a quite early date July 1919) - Interesting attractive block  £160  SOLD

1918 10/- Dull Grey Blue marginal block of 4

each cancelled by CDS-Attractive- £265

1918 2/6 Chocolate Brown good used block of 6 each with CDS- block has been folded vertically down perf line and is a little weak- £78

1918 5/- Rose Red-Good used block of 6 each with registered cancel-  £72  -SOLD

1918 Dull Blue Seahorse - a very fine used part marginal block of 6 each cancelled by Guernsey CDS-Attractive Block-- £465