Longmead Philatelics


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1d Red (AA) Wk sc Alph II  a corner Plate 180 marginal Imprimatur showing Plate number- some slightly patchy print  otherwise fine with good to huge margins SG.Spec C1-- £440   SOLD

1d Red (AA) Wk.sc  Alph II  Plate 189 corner Imprimatur showing some patcthy and slight thin in margin lower left. Cat £1300+   £220   SOLD

1d Red (TA) Wk.sc Alph II  corner marginal Imprimatur from Plate 190 showing plate number-- some slightly patchy printing in places

SG>Spec C1-  £385  - SOLD

1d Red (TA) Wk.sc Alph II - Corner Plate 193 Imprimatur showing plate number - a little patchy print in parts

SG.Spec C1-- £275  SOLD

1d Red (TA) A corner marginal Imprimatur from Plate 196 showing plate number- Blotchy print at left

SG. c1-- £240   SOLD

1d Red (IG) An imprimatur from Plate 184 - 4 clear to wide margins

 SG.C1   - Cat £1300 -  £165   SOLD

1d Red (AA)  - Die 2  Wk.sc- a corner Imprimatur from Plate 6 showing plate number. Has a small clever repair otherwise fine

SG.C3/4  --- £295   SOLD

1d Red (TE)  Wk. Large Crown on blued paper  Imprimatur from Plate 48 - super deep lake red shade- Fine with 4 good margins

SG.C8    Cat £1300 -- £240

1d Red (AF) Wk Large crown on white paper an Imprimatur from Plate 60- Fine  - 4 good to large margins (showing script)

SG.Spec C10   Cat £950+-- £290