Longmead Philatelics



1d Mulready Env (A179) used from Manchester on 11th May 1840- Cancelled by a fine Red MX- Just the very lightest trace of crease (hardly visible) otherwise very fine clean and attractive

Cat  £1200  - £280   SOLD

1d Mulready (A146) Very fine used from Liverpool 23rd Maty1840 - Cancelled by a very fine Red MX- Reverse also shows a fine strike of Inspectors star.   Cat £1200     £295

1d Mulready env used from Ballinastoe -unusually cancelled by Black MX + two Ballinastoe town CDS cancels (with another on reverse) - also shows  Eyrecourt CDS on front -some minor reverse soils but otherwise fine-- £285  SOLD

1d Mulready (A160) used from London 26th Feb 1842-Reverse shows Dartford & Doncaster Town CDS,s together with Undated SHOREHAM undated circular- The env unusually cancelled by 2x Black MX cancels- Faint soil horiz bend line at top-- £260.   SOLD

1d Mulready Letter Sheet (A76 -unplaced Stereo) used from Edinburgh July 19th 1842 -Cancelled by a good strike of Scottish MX-Faint creases at base but generally very fine--

Cat £1300-- £275.   SOLD

1d Mulready env (A161) nicely used cancelled by Red MX- Also shows a very fine strike of Morton-In-Marsh town CDS on front- Fine uncrease and attractive - £220.    SOLD

1d Mulready Env (A148) from Mildenhall -Aug 4th-1840 -cancelled by a super strike of a  bright/scarlet red MX- Reverse a little untidy due to wax and opening faults-Attractive facially- £220.   SOLD

1d Mulready Env (A148) cancelled by a pinkish MX- used from Auchterarder 5th Aug 1840 to Dunse castle-  Very fine and uncreased

Rockoff & Jackson list a very similar-- £270    SOLD

1d Mulready Env (A175) used from Oxford - June 2-1840.  Cancelled by a very fine Red MX -- £160. 

1d Mulready Env (A166) Used in Ireland from Ennis to Kingstown -20th Aug 1840.  Cancelled by a fine Red MX (showing some aspects of doublelined appearance) -Some minor reverse impefections/minoe refold etc--£130.  SOLD

1d Mulready Env (A151) used from London 10th Feb 1842- cancelled by a black MX with "Strand" beside-addressed to University College - Oxford- has a small repaired corner scuff otherwise fine -   £150

1d Mulready Letter Sheet used from Cambridge Sept 17-1841- Cancelled by Black MX-Fine appearance-Uncreased-    £190.   SOLD

1d Mulready Env (A178) used from Edinburgh June27th 1840 -cancelled by an atrractive bright Red MX.

Some small scuffs -- £85.     SOLD

1d Mulready Env (A178) - used from London July 7 -1840

Cancelled by a fine Red MX- Fine , uncreased above average - £175 

1d Mulready Letter Sheet -used from London Ju 24-1840 --  Cancelled by a fine Red MX -also shows T.P Streatham - usual minor imperfections but generally good-  £125   SOLD

1d Mulready Letter Sheet (A167) -used from Reigate Aug-1840

Cancelled by a good Red MX- Fine and uncreased-- £165.   SOLD

1d Mulready Env (A154) cancelled by Red MX - a little soiling at base -but generally good-  £65.    SOLD

1d Mulready Env (A161) used from Wells -Somerset (town CDS on front)-- cancelled by Red MX. Has a faint horiz crease/bend but generally very Good--  £120.   SOLD