Longmead Philatelics



1d Red (CG) used on cover cancelled by Montrose MX May 4th-1843.  -A very fine strike (showing thick outer outline-thinner inner cross and one small stop end to middle cross)

Stamp with 4 wide margins-cover fine and uncreased

Cat £1100   -   £220

1d Red (HG) Plate 34 used on cover cancelled by excellent strike of Lockerby MX-  31st Jan-1844.( clearly shows the MX characteristics jet black ink and short stop on inner diamond)-see jackson and Rockoff, although this cover is not listed there-Stamp very fine with 4 wide large margins-Cover fine and uncreased----£140

1d Red (ED) plate 39 used on cover cancelled by an excellent strike of Dublin MX  Dec 27th-1841- addressed to MP at Athenaeun Club Stamp fine with 4 large margins -and Pl.39 unusual with MX-  Cover has a taped up rip on reverse of top flap-     Cat £300---  £95

1d Red (MJ) Plate 22 ( shows J flaw) used on cover from Truro cancelled by reasonably good but definat Blue MX -Truro town CDS in same color at left of cover. Stamp with 4 good margins (not tied)-Cover of fine appearance has a very faint vert crease away from stamp    Cat £1700---- £165

gallery/1djdcoventry cover202
gallery/1djdcoventry coverdet203

1d Red (JD) used on env cancelled by Coventry MX- Stamp with 4 good margins- Env clean,fresh &uncreased

Cat £2800 --  £395

1d Red (AL) used on neat attractive cover from Bridlington Dec 2-143-  showing the mishapen MX- Stamp with 4 good to mostly huge margins-  nicely tied by an excellent strike of the MX.  Cover clean fresh and attractive- £32

1d Red (FJ) used  on env cancelled by 249 numeral of Devizes in Blue- (Devizes town CDS in blue for Aug 5-1852 on reverse)- Stamp fien with 4 good margins- the env has a repaired tear to left of stamp  Cat £750    - £54

1d Red (DD) in an Orange-Brown shade used  on env from Lochinver cancelled  cancelled by 236 numeral in blue (unlisted in Danzig) - Reverse has Golspie town CDS in blue + Lochinver undated circular---Stamp with 4 good margins -some slight tone.   Cat £750-   £58

1d Red (AG) used on cover front cancelled by 970 numeral in bright blue -shows Lynmouth undtaed circular on front in same colour-- Brumel states 970 was issued to Washford and used in error-but has not seen it actually used in Washford- Stamp fine with 4 good margins.       Cat £375--  £58  SOLD

1d Red (MI) used on env cancelled by 390 Irish diamond of Rathfriland-Cover also shows Katesbridge Rathfrilland in blue- There is a light horiz crease running through stamp which  has 4 well clear to good margins.- £36