Longmead Philatelics


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6d Purple embossed (Wk Inv)- Very Good used with 4 clear to massive  margins (marginal at base)- Sound  and reasonably well cancelled for these.   SG.60  Cat £1000 --  £140

6d Purple Embossed on thick buff paper - 4  good to large margins.

Has a slight soil (slight filled thin) top right , but a scase stamp-

SG.60 Cat £1000+ -- £160

6d Lilac - Fine used with unusually 4 good to large margins (showing parts of two adjoining stamps) and quite neatly cancelled for these.

SG.59   Cat £1000-- £185

10 Brown Embossed- Excellent appearance- neatly cancelled with 4 good margins- Has a tiny, not obvious,repair at side probably small tear or split. SG57 Cat £1500 ---£115  SOLD

1/- Pale green Embossed Die 2

4 wide to mostly large/massive margins (showing parts of two adjoing stamps)- Slight mild soil but otherwise fine and impressive

SG.54 Cat £1000-- £240

1/- Green Embossed- Very fine used with 4 well clear to mostly large/huge margins -showing parts of two adjoining stamps-A nice possitve stamp -Clean and fresh with good embossing

SG.54 Cat £1000--£310   

1/- Green Embossed- 4 wide to huge margins- has a fiant trace of crease line at right -and small paper/rpint flaw lower left-an attractive stamp

SG.54 Cat £1000-  £135

1/- Pale Green embossed Die 2

-Large to enomous margins all around -with light cancel but has a corner crease top left and a small split repair to silk thread at base   SG.54 Cat £1000  £110

1/- Pale Green embossed cancelled by 173 numeral sideways dulpex of Cheltenham- 4 good to huge margins all around but has repaired embossing split

SG.54  Cat £1000--£105