Longmead Philatelics



£1 Brown Lilac  Wk Crwons--Fine neatly used canceled with single registered cancel--Good bright  colour

SG.185   Cat £3000   ---£440  SOLD


£1 Brown Lilac (HB) Wk Orbs

Fine used cancelled  by single registered cancel.

SG.186      Cat 4500   ---£1100

1891 £1 Green marginal at top cancelled by single registered cancel-- slight colour run top right otherwise fine

SG.212    Cat £800  --- £250.  SOLD

1891 £1 Green being the TA Frame Break variety--Superb used cancelled by lovely upright Liverpool CDS-Clean fresh and attractive

SG.212a    Cat £2000    £845  SOLD


£1 Brown Lilac (LB) Wk Crowns  - Fine used -good deep colour- Has a clear 1974 RPS Cert

SG.185   Cat £3000   -- £395

£1 Brown Lilac (HD) Wk Crowns

Excellent appeearnce -cancelled by fine full strike of Edinburgh CDS-Has some repair/reperf work - (nothing horribly obvious)

SG.185   Cat £3000  --£375

£1 Brown Lilac (DB)  Wk Crowns - quite neatly cancelled by light registered cancels

SG.185   Cat £3000   -  £325  SOLD

£1 Brown Lilac (TA) Wk Crowns lettered TA  from plate 3 not showing the broken frame-some light greasy spots - cancelled by light CDS.

SG.185   Cat £3000-- £235.   SOLD

£1 Brown Lilac (KD) Wk Crowns- Of reasonably good appearance with darkk colour -has a slight  repaired thin around hinge area

SG.185    Cat £3000-- £215

£1 Brown Lilac (KD) Wk Orbs

Very Fine used  of lovely colour  and appearance-cancelled by part Strand CDS. -Clean and fresh with excellent print quality

SG.186  -  Cat £4500 -- £1950  SOLD

£1 Brown Lilac (MA) Wk Orbs

Good used -reasonably well cancelled by single Registered cancel

SG.186    Cat £4500-- £575  SOLD

£1 Brown Lilac  (MC) Wk Orbs

Of fairly good appearance-cancelled by CDS+oval cancels

Some reverse fault/stains at right of stamps

SG.186    Cat £4500  - £395   SOLD

£1 Green (QD) -Superb used cancelled by an excellent Southampton CDS- Clean fresh and attractive with good colour

SG.212   Cat £800-- £360  SOLD

£1 Green (LA) in a very deep colour-Very Fine used cancelled by Dudley -Worcs CDS

SG.212   Cat £800 -- £260

£1 Green (LB) -Good used cancelled by Guernsey double ring CDS

SG.212   Cat £800   - £145

£1 Green JC showing an early stage of the Broken Frame variety (under both sides bu PO of Pound)- Fair to good used cancelled by two X CDS cancels-also has a central  light vert crayon line.

SG.212a   Cat £2000 -- £235   SOLD