Longmead Philatelics


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1d Black  (BJ) Plate 10 - this lettering being only one of the 6 letterings without the "O" Flaw-  Very Fine Used cancelled by fine light Black MX-- 4 good to large margins.  Cat £950-- £285

1d Black (RE) Plate 10 showing P converted to R- Fine used with 4 good margins-cancel leaves letters clear

- Cat £1000  £240


1d Black (KJ) Plate 10- Superb used, cancelled by a fine full strike of neat Black MX-  4 good to large margins- Cat £900 -- £425.  SOLD

1d Black (IA) Plate 10: cancelled by a good Red MX.--4 good to large margins

Cat £1500--- £325  SOLD

1d Grey Black (JE) Plate 10 on thin paper (definately so)- Very Fine used cancelled by part Black MX which leaves profile clear-  4 wide to mostly large/huge margins, Appealing--   Cat £1050.  --£345  SOLD

1d Black FB) Plate 10.  Very Fine with 4 good to mostly wide margins- Cancelled by small light part black MX which leaves profile and whole head clear.  Cat £950---£295   SOLD

1d Black  (EH) Plate 10 cancelled by fine Black MX : 4 clear to large margins-

Cat £900  -  £175   SOLD

1d Black (KB) Plate 10 - In original state without "O" Flaw  (one of only six letering in this state) -- Fine used with 4 close to good margins -cancelled by fine black MX--  

Cat £950---£180 -- SOLD