Longmead Philatelics

1d Grey Black (GL) Plate 1a with Inverted Wk. Very Good used cancelled by Red MX. 4 good to wide margins-Scarse--Cat £4000--£785    SOLD

1d Grey Black (HC) Plate 1a--Very Fine used shows some dry print/plate wear. 4 good to wide margins cancelled by light part MX which leaves profile clear--

-£185  SOLD

1d Grey Black (JL) Plate 1a - in   very worne plate. Fine neatly used cancelled by a fine Rex MX- 4 well clear to wide margins  -attractive- £155


1d Black (BG) Plate 1a cancelled by a super bright scarlet red MX

4 wide margins-lovely appearance-  £295  SOLD

1d Grey Black (LD) Plate 1a  showing plate wear -Superb used canceeled by a lovely Red MX

4 good to wide margins-- £260  SOLD

1d Grey Black (ML) Plate 1a printed in a softer shade- cancelled by a light part Red MX which leaves profile clear. 4 wide to mostly large margins-attractive appearance- £240  SOLD

1d Grey Black (FA) Plate 1a clearly showing letter "F" Double. Very Fine cancelled by fine Red MX - 4 wide to large margins-- £155  SOLD


1d Black Plate 1a in an earleir state without plate wear, in a most unusual intense shade for this plate-. Very Fine with 4 wide margins -   £185

1d Black (LC) PLate 1a - Fine used with 4 good to wide margins--£135


1d Black (FL) PLate 1a-Good use with 4 v.close, but clear, to wide margins- Reverse shows wk side line+ small part of Postage wk--£88.  SOLD

1d Black (EL) Plate 1a -Good 4 margines appearance -but has a small difficult to spot repair---£69.  SOLD