Longmead Philatelics




1d Intense Black (JJ) Plate 2- superb  appearance  with 4 wide to huge margins cancelled by a v.fine deep red MX -has a faint minor coner thin spot-not immediatelt visible

 to spot -stunning appearance--£250  SOLD

1d Black (DG) Plate 2 -showing letter D large and clearly double

Fine with 4 good to wide margins



1d Blck (TH) Plate 2 - Very Fine used with 4 well clear to large margins (showing small part of incription)-  cancelled by fine Red MX--£310  SOLD

1d Black  (NJ) Plate 2 -superb used cancelled by a very fine strike of a vermilion red MX-Attractive stamp- £265

1d Black (FF) Plate 2 Very Fine used cancelled by fine part red mX, which leaves profile clear. 4 good to large margins-- £195  


1d Black (PB) Plate 2 of impressive appearance with large/huge margins all around-Margins roughly separated leaving some thinning around periphery and is a little greasy in parts-Stamp shows variety recut letter squares-- £195 

1d Black (QD)  cancelled by a v.fine upright strike of a Black MX (scase on this plate)- Fine clean and fresh

Cat £650--  £190  SOLD


1d Black (LG) Plate 2 with matching printing in red.Both fine with 4 good margins- Cat £700-- £195   SOLD


1d Grey Black (BI) Plate 2 in a slightly unusual worn plate-Good used with 4  clear to large margins-£90  SOLD

1d Black (SL) Plate 2 -Good sound used with 4 good to large margins-£88  SOLD

1d Black (BB) plate 2 of quite good appearance but has some shallow thing at base-- £68   SOLD

1d Black (DD) Plate 2 very Fine used cancelled by nice strike of red MX  - 4 good margins--£180


1d Black (CD-CE) Plate 2 horiz pair

Fine used with cleatr to good margins all around-Good red MX cancels.

Cat £1200   ---£295   SOLD


1d Black (SA-SD) Plate 2 Horiz srtip of 4- SA Shows the re-entry.

4 v.close but clear to wide margins all around - Some light soils/stains and very shallow surface thins on SA - otherwise good appearance- £825  


1d Black (KD) Plate 2 used on piece used from Sheffield on May 16th-1840.  Stamp with 4 clear to good margins  - £155