Longmead Philatelics


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1d Black (QL) Plate 5 cancelled by fine Black MX-- 4 clear to mostly large/huge margins (showing good part of stamp below)-- £195


1d Intense Black (HF) Plate 5-

superb shade and very attractive with 4 good to v.large margins cancelled by fine red MX--tiny marginal thin spot -  £125  

1d Black (GI) PLate 5 cancelled by a super strike of a  vivid red MX- 4 clear to large margins --

£180   SOLD

1d Black (FC) Plate 5 -superb used cancelled by Red MX which leaves profile and much of head clear. 4 good to mostly wide margins--£220  SOLD

1d Black (LG) Plate 5 -  matched with printing in red. Both fine used with 4 clear to wide margins -£140


1d Black (ID) Plate 5 - Very good to fine used - 4 good to wide margins

Black MX-- £110  SOLD

1d Black (DK) Plate 5- Very good used. 4 clear to large margins .Light red mx--£110

1d Black (QD) Plate 5.  4  very close,but clear, to good margins £75  SOLD

1d Black (IJ) Plate 5 on very thin paper. 4 good to large margins-- £95


1d Black (TC) Plate 5 in an amazing Intense (jet black overinked) shade.Also shows very weak vert side lines.

4 good to large margins-Couple light stains top left otherwise fine and so unusual-- £175.   SOLD