Longmead Philatelics


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1d Intense Black (KF) plate 6

Very fine used 4 good to mostly large margins. Neat Red MX- Clean fresh and attractive- £195

1d Black  (TC) Plate 6 on slightly bleute paper-Very Fine used cancelled by neat Black MX-

4 good to huge margins--£245  


1d Black (QC) Plate 6 of stunning appearance with mostly large/huge margins-cancelled by excellent Red MX which ;eaves profile clear- but  minor corner imperfections- probably  minor repaired thin spots-  £235  SOLD

1d Black (BG) Plate 6 (B Double)

 Fine used with Red MX leaving profile clear. 4 good margins--£160 

1d Black (FB) Plate 6- Fine used cancelled  by fine strike of upright  Red MX - 4 clear to good margins- £135


1d Black (JI) Plate 6 cancelled by a watery brownish/purply MX. Fine used  4 good to   wide margins- £170  SOLD

1d Black (AE) plate 6- cancelled by a deeper crimson Red MX. 4 margins but very close, but clear margins all around-£78  - SOLD

1d Black (OC) Plate 6. Very good used. 4 good margins. Faint minor/shallow reverse thin spot- £86


1d Black (PC) Plate 6.  Fine used cancelled bay a fine neatly struck black MX. 4 clear to good margins- £85

1d Black (DG) Plate 6 Very good used .  4 clear to wide margins -£78.   SOLD


1d Black (TC-TD) Horiz pair  from plate 6

Fine used with well clear to good margins all around

Cat £1250---£330  SOLD


1d Black (FE-FH) Plate 6 horiz strip of 4

Margin close, but clear on some top parts, otherwise good to large margins-quite neatly cancelled by black MX,s-- £1200