Longmead Philatelics


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1d Black (TL) Plate 8- Superb Used

Shows variety scratches above north west corner- Cancelled by a lovely Red MX. 4 very good to wide margins- Very attractive- Cat £550    --- £280  SOLD

1d Black (GI) Plate 8 - Exceptionally fine with 4 large/huge margins all around showing parts of 3 adjoining stamps-Cancelled by an excellent strike of Black MX--  £260. - SOLD

1d Black (HG) Plate 8 with matched printing in Red- Both Very good to fine with 4 good margins--£130

1d Black (HL) Plate 8 showing the variety two small marks in margin above "H"- Good used with 4 well clear  to good margins--  £110  SOLD

1d Black (HC) Plate 8 cancelled by fine neat black MX-- 4 clear to good margins-  £100

1d Grey Black (IJ) Plate 8

Cancelled by Black MX- 4 clear to wide margins-- £90  SOLD

1d Black (HL) Plate 8

Shows the Re-entry- Good appearance- 4 margins but  reverse with thin down left hand side-- £68.  SOLD