Longmead Philatelics

2d Blue (IJ) Superb--Cancelled by fine Red MX-4 good to wide margins-Clean fresh - very  attractive--£525  SOLD

2d Blue(CK) Plate 1. Superb. Clearly shows the constant variety-vert line through "C" Square. 4 good to wide margins, cancelled by lovely Red MX-Very Attractive- Has a clear 2006 RPS Cert-  £585   SOLD

2d Blue (PI) Plate 1 -showing the recut frame lines in "P" corner. Cancelled by fine full strike of Red MX- 4 well clear to good margins. Cat £975--£295   SOLD


2d Blue (PC) Plate1-Very Fine used cancelled by  v.good Red MX- 4 good margins. Clean fresh and attractive---£345  SOLD

2d Deep Full Blue -in an exceptionally deep dark shade (EC) Plate 1. Fine with 4 good to large margins- Black MX       Cat £1100-   £375  SOLD

2d Pale Blue (DB) Plate 1-Superb Used- lovely pastel shade cancelled by lovely neat strike of Black MX-£465   SOLD

2d Steel Blue (HE) Plate 1- Neatly cancelled by Black MX - 4 clear to good margins-

Cat £1900---£275   SOLD

2d Blue (OG) Plate 1- Fine Used  4 good to large margins

.Fine Black MX   -£360


2d Pale Blue (FC) Plate 1 -shows letter "F" Double.-Very Good to fine used cancelled by Red MX- 4 good to large margins- £195

2d Plate Blue (TA) Plate 1 in a quite a pale shade- 4 clear to wide margins-Part Red MX leaves profile clear--£165   SOLD

2d Blue (RK) Plate 1- Fine used neatly cancelled by light Black MX. 4 close to good margins-   £150   SOLD

2d Blue (PH) plate 1 in a bright shade-Very good used cancelled by  Red MX- 4 very close to good margins---£115   SOLD

2d Blue (DE/DF)  Plate 1 horiz pair  -each cancelled by Red MX - 4 close but clear to good margins- "F" Doubled on DF-  Cat £2000--£325   SOLD




2d Blue (MD) Plate 1 cancelled by an excellent strike of a definate RUBY MX  -Superb appearance with 4 good to large margins.  Very faint trace of  slight soil (barely visible) but otherwise a most appealing stamp

SG.Spec.D1ue    Cat £7000--£625