Longmead Philatelics

2d Blue (KD) PLate 2 cancelled by  fine strike of Red MX. 4 good margins all around, Fine and attractive. Has a clear 2005 RPS--Cat £1750---£395

2d Blue (OE) Plate 2 -shows letter "E" Double -cancelled by a fine strike of Red MX. 4 well clear to large margins- Cat £1750-- £420  SOLD


2d  Pale Blue (TH) Plate 2-Fine Used cancelled by fine neat Red MX-  4 well clear to good margins-

Cat £1750-  £285    SOLD

2d Blue (FL) Plate 2 -Very Fine used- 4 good to wide margins cancelled by excellent strike of Black MX--£375

2d Blue (PK) Plate 2 in a deeper shade- Fine used with 4 wide to large margins, cancelled by fine Black MX--£350   SOLD

2d Blue (RH) Plate 2  clearly showing the constant variety mark in top left square-Fine with 4 good to wide margins-cancelled by part Red MX which leaves profile clear--£295

2d Blue  (DL) Plate 2 cancelled by Red MX-with 4  good to huge margins-stunning appearance but has a clever repair and tiny thin spot top left--£245  SOLD

2d Blue (SE-SF) Plate 2 horiz pair-neatly cancelled by Black MX,s (which do not overlap)- 4 good to wide margins. Has clear 2006 RPS Cert Cat £2500---£550   SOLD





2d Plae Blue (KA) Plate 2 -used on cover from Truro (Town CDS for may 19th 1841 in blue on front) - Stamp with 4 well clear to good margins  print a little blurry -(shows some weak print top left ) - Cover has a vertical crease 

Has a 2016 Jackson Cert  (description within worth reading)

  Cat £3000    £495