Longmead Philatelics




2/6 Lilac -nicely used cancelled by neat light upright Waterloo St-Glasgow

SG.178   Cat £160   -£48   SOLD


5/- Rose on Blued Paper - cancelled by Liverpool and London TPO CDS

for Jan 30 1885-- Faint trace of crease/soil line in top margin otherwise fine and having the right qualities as a blued paper

SG.176  Cat £4000---£360    SOLD

E5/- Crimson in a super deep bright shade cancelled by Pier St-Hull  CDS

Clean, fresh and attractive

SG.181    Cat £250---£78   SOLD

5/- Rose in a particularly deep  rich shade-  Very Fine used cancelled by fine Berkhamstead CDS

SG.180    Cat £250       £78   SOLD

5/- Rose- Fine used cancelled by St.Austell CDS

SG.180   Cat £250  --£38   SOLD

10/- Ultram Superb used cancelled by lovely Torquay CDS - some very triveal soil marks -otherwise superb and most appealing

SG.183    Cat £525     £195

10/- Ultram in a deep shade superb used cancelled by v.fine Paignton CDS-Very attractive

SG.183   Cat £525---£260 

10/- Pale Ultram- Fine used cancelled by Exeter CDS

SG.183a    Cat £550   ---£145  SOLD

2/6 Lilac on Blued paper (good amount of bluing) Mint with  good original gum - but has a light corner crease and light trace of previous large hinge-but overall still a good fresh/clean stamp

Has a 1996 BPA Cert as SG.175-Genuine-"corner crease"

SG.175-- Cat £6750--£625   SOLD

2/6 Lilac overprinted Cancelled

Reasonably good mint with original gum- but has some small perf faults ar centre right-scarce

Cat £4000---£365

5/- Rose Superb Unmounted Mint

Excellent uncreased and untoned original gum-Fresh clean and very appealing

SG.180    Cat £1100 (as Mounted)   £525    SOLD

5/- Crimson overprinted Speciman (Type 11). Only light trace of hinge

and light gum wrinkle/bend otherwise very good gum

Clean fresh appearance

SG.181s   Cat £450    £135   SOLD

5/- Rose overprinted Specimen Type 9-- Very Fine Mint

Clean and fresh  

SG.180s Cat £450---  £140