Longmead Philatelics

1d Black (NA) Plate 8 used on cover locally in Winchester Nov 29-1840.  Stamp with 4 clear to large margins-cover with a vert crease.   Cat £1000---  £140

1d Black (BK) Plate 8 used on small neat cover- Internal script notes from Knutsworth--Front of cover has Stroud March 26-1841 CDS + Nailsworth undated both in black--Sheffiled receiving CDS in Red on reverse--  Stamp with 4 good to wide margins, tied by Black MX-- 

  Cat £1000--- £210

1d Black (CK) Plate 9 used on fine neat cover from Birmingham March 1-1841---  Stamp is very fine-clearlt showing "C" Double cancelled by Black MX which leaves profile clear-- Cat £1200---  £240

1d Black (BF) Plate 9 used on cover from Doncaster -has town CDS on front for 10th Feb 1841 considered to be the First Day of issue for Black MX to coincide with the release of 1d Red printings.  Stamp with 4 close to good margins-cover with couple light vert creases, not affecting stamp  - Cat £1200 as Plate 9 on cover -  £250  SOLD

1d Black (KG) Plate 9 used on entire from London Feb 27th 1841 to Micheldever Rectory. Stamp fine with 4 good to large margins -showing very strong guide lines.  Cover neat and uncreased   Cat £1200     --- £175

1d Black (SI) Plate 10 used on cover from Wellingborough March 24-1841- The stamp shows the reentry in NE square with 4 clear to wide margins--Cover fine and uncreased.

Cat £3500   -    £525

1d Black (EL ) Plate 10 used on cover from Hartfordbridge 26th May-1841.  Stamp with 4 good to wide margins lightly cancelled by Black MX. Cover fine neat and attractive, especially for this plate-- Cat £3500  £550

1d Black (SD) Plate 10 use on cover from Brighton 9th Feb-1841  - considered to be the last official day of Red MX.

Stamp with 4 well clear to good margins-Cover with light horiz crease (away from stamp) and has a taped up tear on back pannel-   Cat £3500  (as with Black MX)  £395

1d Grey Black (JL) Plate 11 on an interesting cover originally posted from Bridport April 17-1841 then redirected within London April 23- interestingly has script "Allowed" as well as TP Grays Inn -then reposted to Plymouth- Stamp cut into top and base-Cover with some small faults and has a vert crease, but generally good appearance for such a redirected cover-- Cat £16,000-----£625    SOLD

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