Longmead Philatelics




1d Red (NI) Plate 20 cancelled by part Mullingar MX- 4 very close but clear to wide margins.  Has a clear 2015 Jackson Cert   Cat £3600--£195   SOLD

1d Red (CA) used on small piece cancelled by excellent strike of York MX.

Stamp with 4 good to wide margins--Shows Micklegate Yorks in blue beside stamp---Cat £800-- £295   SOLD

1d Red (PB) cancelled by a v.fine strike No.3 in MX.

4 good to large margins-Fine and attractive   Cat £225---£68

1d Red (QE) -cancelled by v.good strike No.2 in MX--- 4 large/huge margins but some slight  surface soiling  

Cat £180--  £42

1d Red (MC) cancelled by fine (smaller type) Dorchester Town CDS for March 31 1842-  Fine with 4 clear to mostly large/huge margins all around- Cat £825--£210  SOLD

1d Red (TH) cancelled by fine Totnes town CDS. Stamp with 4 good to wide margins

Cat £825--£260   SOLD

1d Red (DA) cancelled by Honiton Town CDS-  Fine used with 4 clear to large/huge margins 

Cat £825-- £160  SOLD.

1d Red (IK) cancelled by 659 numeral of Rugby in Blue (good bright mid blue shade)--Fine with good to large margins-

-Cat £250--£36


1d Red  (OG) Plate 36 cancelled by very good strike of Kilmarnock MX - 4 clear to good margins- Has 2002 Karl Louis Cert.

Cat  £1700--   £195   SOLD


1d Red (AG) Plate 19 cancelled by a superb Red MX--Has a BPA 2008 Cert as genuine -variously creased and small tear

The creasing is hardly visible and the tear appears to have been repaired

Very attractive

Cat £4800    £575   SOLD