Longmead Philatelics



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1/2d Jubilee Vermilion (in a corner block of 16) lower right stampshowing print flaw
of left + ornament -stamp fine UM Mint
(3 others from within block with cresaes)--£12

2. 1/2d Jubilee used on fine hand illustrated env
Staplehurst to Buffalo-USA--£48

2 1/2d jubilee on env cancelled by Dumb cancel
Backstamped Rio De Janeiro 8th Dec 1897
Includes original content acrd-Pacific Line-RMS Liguria-Rio 8th Dec 1897
Wishing you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year--printed on board-£38

1/2d Blue Green used on hand illustrated env
used localli in Elland--£34   SOLD

1.1/2d and 2d v.nicely used on small piece -nothing special but pretty  £2

1/- green superb used on small piece
cancelled by nice Strand 369 BO
SG.211 Cat £75--£8

E3d Jubilee-An Imprimatur in Purple on Orange paper-Fine Unmounted Mint  Cat £725--- £295   SOLD

4d Jubilee Green and Brown -a corner Imprimatur

Fine Unmounted Mint-Clear to huge margins

Has clear 2010 RPS Cert   Cat £725----£350

10d Dull Purple and deep dull carmine (good definate shade) also shows broken frame line lower right corner - Unmounted mint-one shortish perf otherwise fine and fresh- SG.210a Cat 800--- £285

Jubilee 1.1/2d with Invreted Wk- Fine used cancelled by CDS

SG.198wi    Cat-£500     £180  SOLD

Jubilee 3d purple on orange-normally difficult to identify with confidence - but this one quite definate (retains most of its og

Unpriced in SG   SG.204   -   £55