Longmead Philatelics




1d Red (OH) Plate 22- Fine used- 4 clear to  sheet margin, showing inscription at left-Good MX-£130   SOLD

1d Red (CJ-CL) Plate 32 fine used horiz strip of 3- each with good individual MX- Well clear to large margins all around-- CJ showing "C" Double at base--£76

1d Red (EH) Plate 124 on thicker lavender tinted paper- Fine fresh mint  with good o.g  - 4 good to wide margins. SGB1l--  Cat £1500--£425  SOLD

1841 1d Red (FG) With Inverted WK

Fine unmounted mint with good orignal gum--4 good to wide margins- Clean fresh and attractive/scarse

Cat £5000-- £975   SOLD

E1841 1d Red (FF) With Inverted Wk

Mint with original - mounted at top. 4 v.close to good margins-  4 impurity spots in gum/paper--Cat £5000--£350

1d Red (CE) Plate 107

Very fine used with 4 good to large margins- neatly cancelled  leaving profile clear- Cat £525-- £110

1d Red (CG) Plate 107

Fine used - 4 good margins- quite neatly cancelled--Cat £525--£85

E1d Red (IB) PLate 107

V.good sound used-  4 well clear to large margins-  Cat £525--- £48

1841 1d Red (EK) Plate 65

Very Fine used with 4 large to massive margins all around-£46

1841 1d Red (CA) with Inverted Wk

V.good used cancelles by 383 numeral of Hull--4 good to large margins-

Cat £400--£58