Longmead Philatelics

1d Mulready Env A146 Very Fine used from Liverpool 23rd May 1840

Reverse shows a fine strike of Inspectors Star- Very Fine used cancelled by fine Red MX--  Cat £1200---  £295

1d Mulready Letter Sheet A35 used from  Cambridge Au 27-1840  cancelled by a superb Red MX. Has a  light horiz crease and some taped up splits/tears on reverse but facial appearnce is still attractive   Cat £525--- £115   SOLD

1d Mulready Env cancelled by a pinkish red MX - used from Kelvedon Jan 14th 1841 -also has what appears to be two 15th  Jan circular receiving marks -all in the same pinkish red colour -stangely enough the two receiving marks seem the same 15 Jan1841 but one has Code A the other code D.  Some slight taped up tears and light toning -opens up well to display reverse marks    £140

1d Mulready Letter Sheet A34 being an advert for "The Economic Life Assurance Society" -Interesting and busy  originally posted with late usage from London with London Inland Numeral -+ Portsmouth receiver 1st Jan 1840 to Admirals Office -then redirected to Elliott Place Gosport paid with 1 script mark-- Lightly toned, some minor soils and light vert crease

, Cat £2400 as 1844 numeral--£335


1d Mulready env A145 - used on 6th Nov-1841 from london cancelled by fine Black MX also showing "TP.Hammersmith Bdwy" ?--Some minor soils/tones but still reasonably good condition--   Cat £550-     £85    SOLD


2d Mulready Env a196 with late useage May 10-1847 cancelled by excellent strike of 11 in diamond London Inland numeral- has Felton town CDS in blue on reverse dated May 1st- Some slight reverse opening faults and some odd stains - but facially excellent without any creases--   Cat £2500---£575

2d Mulready Env a199 with late use cancelled by 11 in diamond London inland numeral.

Some light surface stains and reverse  has reverse thinning on top flap where previously mounted --Cat £2500 --- £345

2d Mulready Env a198 with late use March 30-1849) cancelled by 63 London District numeral-also shows Mount St Gros Sq straight line in blue-- Light horiz fold line at top and mildy soiled    Cat £2500 --- £395


2d Mulready Letter sheet with late useage June 26-1848 cancelled by London inland numeral -originally posted to Newcastle upton Tyne -then redirected (unusually without further payment) to Edinburgh-has a faint red Edinburgh  CDS on front- Reasonably good all around codition    Cat £2400--- £395

2d Mulready Env a 208 with late usage (6th May -1850) cancelled by 761 numeral of Sunderland  -has  Sunderland & Newcastle town CDS,s in Blue on reverse--Minor taped up rip at top (barely visible), but otherwise  uncreased, clean and attractive

Cat £2500   £525


1d Mulready  Env A159 used from Liverpool  Nov 3rd-1841- cancelled by fine Black MX--Reverse shows two line Berry St Liverpool (opened for display).  Reverse has some opening damage (repaired with inserted paper chunk-  Fine facial appearance--  Cat £550    £105    SOLD