Longmead Philatelics




£1 Brown Lilac  Wk Crwons--Fine neatly used canceled with single registered cancel--Good colour

SG.185   Cat £3000   ---£450


£1 Brown Lilac (MD) Wk Crowns

Very good used quite neatly cancelled by 2x registered cancels

Somw faint soils/crayon spots

SG.185    Cat £3000    £360  SOLD

£1 Brown Lilac (HB) Wk Orbs

Fine used cancelled  by single registered cancel.

SG.186      Cat 4500   ---£1100

£1 Brown Lialc (HD)  Wk Orbs

Fine used- unusually cancelled bt Irish 186 diamonds of Dublin

Good deeper colour

SG.186    Cat £3000     £620  SOLD

£1 Brown Lilac Wk Orbs

Nicely cancelled by Gainsborough CDS- Has a pressed out crease and the colour but mainly the colour is pale/faded

SG.186    Cat £3000   ---£425   SOLD

1891 £1 Green marginal at top cancelled by single registered cancel-- slight colour run top right otherwise fine

SG.212    Cat £800  --- £285

1891 £1 Green quite neatly used cancelled by Jersey CDS-slight surface soil but still  good appearance

SDG.212    Cat £800---£165

1891 £1 Green--Unused No gum

Faint translucence of watermark vaguely showing through onto front-- but still good facial appearance

SG.212    Cat £7500---£295   SOLD

1891 £1 Green being the TA Frame Break variety--Superb used cancelled by lovely upright Liverpool CDS-Clean fresh and attractive

SG.212a    Cat £2000    £850

1891 £1 Green   being the JC Broken frame variety-showing clear breakes by "J" square and underneath "O" of Pound.  Light repair/reperf work to a couple perfs otherwise fine and fairly neatly cancelled       SG.212a     Cat £2000 ---£260    SOLD


1891 £1 Green (GD) Very good used-quite neatly cancelled  by registered cancels leaving head clear

SG.212 Cat £800   £180  SOLD

1891 £1 Green (LB) Mint with original gum but has a heavy hinging otherwise good with fresh  clean appearance

SG.212 Cat £4000--- £620    SOLD