Longmead Philatelics

1d Black   (NF) Plate 1a -Superb- In an early impression- 4 wide margins-Neat part Red MX leaves profile clear. Clean fresh and most attractive-- £290   SOLD

1d Grey Black (LK) Plate 1a--Very Fine Used cancelled by neat Red MX- 4 good to large margins--£195  SOLD

1d Grey Black (CF) Plate 1a -Superb

Neat Red MX leaves profile clear

4 good to mostly wide/large margins--£195   SOLD

1d Grey Black (GL) Plate 1a with Inverted Wk. Very Good used cancelled by Red MX. 4 good to wide margins-Scarse--Cat £4000--£795  

1d Grey Black (HC) Plate 1a--Very Fine used shows some dry print/plate wear. 4 good to wide margins cancelled by light part MX which leaves profile clear---£195

1d Grey Black (JL) Plate 1a - in a worne plate. Fine neatly used cancelled by a fine Rex MX- 4 well clear to wide margins  -attractive- £185

1d Grey Black (LA) Plate 1a of very fine appearance - 4 good to large margins cancelled by Red MX which leaves profile clear but has a pressed out crease--£125  SOLD


1d Grey Black (HD) Plate 1a clearly showing the Re-entry-cancelled by watery/purply brown MX leaving profile clear-4 clear to wide margins. Reverse a trifle oily/staniy at top--£125

1d Grey Black (HD) Plate 1a from a much worne plate-clearly show the re-entry-Good used with clear to good margins--£95   SOLD