Longmead Philatelics


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1d Black (FC) Plate 5-Superb Used

Cancelled  by part Red MX which leaves profile and most of head clear. 4 good to mostly wide margins-£250  SOLD

1d Intense Black (LK) Plate 5- Nicely cancelled by fine Red MX-4 well clear to good margins-£140   SOLD

1d Intense Black (ND) Plate 5 in a fine deep shade,clearly showing the Re-entry. Very Fine with 4 good towide margins-cancelled by good strike of Red MX-Very attractive-£260

1d Black (EJ) Plate 5 cancelled by a super full strike of Red MX-  4 clear to wide nargins-£135   SOLD

1d Intense Black (SH) Plate 5 Fine used cancelled by crimson red MX

4 good to wide margins-  £105   SOLD

1d Black (OI) Plate 5 on Bleute Paper- Fine used with 4 good margins-Black MX - Cat £750   £160    SOLD

1d Black (QL) Plate 5 cancelled by fine Black MX-- 4 clear to mostly large/huge margins (showing good part of stamp below)-- £250

1d Black (QL) Plate 5 - Very good used with 4 well clear to full sheet margins at right - cancelled by Black MX- £585   SOLD