Longmead Philatelics

5- Rose Plate 1 -maginal at base-cancelled by 973 in circle telegraph cancel Good colour,-Fresh, clean and appealing

SG.126  Cat £675     £260   SOLD

5/- Rose Plate 1 cancelled by C38 numeral of Callao-Peru

Fair appearance some small perf faults/soils top left   -£40  SOLD

5/- Rose Plate 2 cancelled by super Dorking CDS. Perfs at top left with some repair/reperf work, but otherwise clean fresh and attractive

SG.127   Cat £1500      £125  SOLD

5/- Rose Plate 2  Very Fine used cancelled by neat Vere St CDS--Clean and fresh

SG127    Cat £1500---£345  SOLD

10/- Greenish Grey- Fine used cancelled by Argyle St-Glasgow CDS

Good strong colour-very much above average

SG.128   Cat £3200   £595  SOLD

10/- Greenish Grey  Very good sound used cancelled by experimental London Sq,d circle cancel

SG.128     Cat £3200    £440

10/- Greenish grey cancelled by Gracechurch St registered cancel

Crayon mark at left hand side otherwise good appearance

SG.126   Cat £3200   £295   SOLD