Longmead Philatelics


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Some highlights from latest offerings--

£1 Green I.R.Official - Very Fine used cancelled by fine upright Aberdeen CDS- Has a clear 2020 Wenvoe Cert of opinion--SG.O16 Cat £2500--£945

1d Intense Black (LK) Plate 8  - Superb used cancelled by a very fine Red MX- 4 good even margins all around -Attractive--- £295

1d Red (NC) Plate 31 cancelled by  Fine full strike No.4 in MX - 4 Good to massive margins - There is a light crease line (not immediately visible) - still an outstanding   - £225

1/- Green Plate 5- The Stock Exchange Fogery With Impossible letters - FP- Very Fine  Cat £1500-- £725    

2.1/2d Rosy Mauve Plate 2 being the LH-FL error of lettering- Cancelled by Moville Irish CDS- which leaves the letter square clear- Stamp little off centre otherwise fine and so scarse with CDS- SG.140  Cat £2750---£875   SOLD

6d Grey Plate 17 (Wk Rose) Superb Unmounted Mint-Clean and fresh with excellent original gum -A very fine stamp - SG.147-- Cat £950-- £325  SOLD

1924-26 10d Turquise Blue with Inverted Wk -Unmounted Mint - has a small not really noticeable corner fault-Fine clean appearance--SG 428wi  Cat £3750--  £925   SOLD 

1915 2/6 Grey Brown in Pale very worn state to the extent that the finer details and background above the seahrses is blank -superb Unmounted mint- an exceptional stamp  SG 407  Cat £700-- £360  

1915 10/- Deep Blue Seahorse -Superb used cancelled by small  neat light central CDS-Attractive
SG.411   Cat £1000    £385

1d Red Plate 26 used on part cover (no side flaps) cancelled by Dorchester Town CDS-also shows Wimborne town CDS beside- Stamp with 4  v.close /just touching  to large/huge margins  -cover with light horiz crease at base- an appealing item  Cat £2750-- £660

1d Red used on small neat env from London to Dripsey Castle-Cork -16th July 1842- Stamp with 4 good margins well tied by full strike of Black MX-An appealing item- £55   SOLD

1d Ped (KG) Plate 11-  Superb used cancelled by a lovely Black MX- 4 very good to mostly wide margins- Very appealing -  £120  SOLD

1d Black (IG) Plate 5 - used on small piece cancelled and well tied by distinctive Greenock MX. 4 clear to wide margins- The piece has been refolded for presentation to show the Greenock backstamp-Has a clear 2019 Jackson cert- Cat £2500 off cover -- £620  SOLD