Longmead Philatelics


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Some highlights from latest offerings--

1840 Rainbow Colour Trial in Red Brown- Fine with 4 good margins Cat £4500--  £875  SOLD

1d Black (OF) Plate 2- Superb Used cancelled by a stunning full upright strike of a Scarlet Red MX-4good to wide margins- Very appealing- £375   SOLD

2d Blue (MF) Plate 1 - With inverted Wk. Very Fine used cancelled by fine Red MX with 4 good margins-- Cat £6250-- £1100   SOLD

1841 1d Red (NE) with Inverted Wk- Fine Mint-Lovely fresh printing with 4 wide margins -good  original gum - Cat £5000--- £975

1/- Green Plate 4 - A fine used block of 4  each with a Dundee CDS- Very scarse in blocks of 4- SG.117-  £275   SOLD

£1 Brown Lilac Wk Orbs- Suoerb used cancelled by fine Dover CDS-Good colour-Very attractive  SG.186  Cat £4500 --- £2200

1891 £1 Green (OA) Superb mint - Lovel clean fresh print and colour- Appears unmounted but inspection reveals faint trace of hinge-Excellent untoned/uncreased original Gum- SG.212  Cat £3500  - £1100  SOLD

EdVII 10/- Ultram- Superb- Lovely bright colour -lovely upright Pontypridd CDS-Has a minute colour rub   -Still Very attractive- SG.266  Cat £500--- £220   SOLD

1924-26 10d Turquise Blue with Inverted  Wk  - Unmounted Mint- Clean and fresh

  Cat £3750---£1850--SOLD

1915 2/6 De La Rue Seahorse in a most unusual Bright and very vivid Bright Yellow Brown shade - Superb Unmounted Mint with excellent original gum  SG.405 variety  £375   SOLD

1d Black (FI) Plate 3 -Superb used cancelled by a super full strike of upright Red MX- 4 Good margins-Very attractive- £325  SOLD

3d Rose Plate 11-Superb Unmounted Mint Block of 4-Well centered-Nice untoned and uncreased original gum

SG.144 Cat £2600 as a block--£750  SOLD

1/- Green Plate 13 -used block of 9 cancelled by C30 numerals of Valparaiso- Top corners with faults /soils but generally a good used block--  £395 - SOLD

3d Rose Plate 21- Superb Unmounted mint block of 4 - Excellent colour, perfs and centering-Super untoned original gum- Cat £3000 as a block-- £825

3d Rose Plate 4 Wk Emblems-Unmounted Mint-Very good colour and centering for this issue-One slightly roughish perf and a tiny impurity spec in gum which is otherwise excellent (usual streaky) Exceptional for this issue- a scarse stamp  SG.94 Cat £5200- £595   SOLD

1d Intense Black (MD) Plate 1b -Superb used cancelled by a lovely full upright stirke of a dark Red MX- 4 wide to attractive margins- £325   SOLD

1d Black (HC) Plate 1b- Very Fine used cancelled by a lovely orange Red MX-Clearly shows the re-cut left margin)-  4 good to wide margisn- £195

2d Blue (RG) Plate 1- Superb  used with a lovely combination of a super bright shade  coupled with deep red MX -  lovely clean print- 4 good even margins-Very attractive-£475   SOLD

1841 1d Red (IE) Superb used cancelled by part Dorchester CDS leaving head clear of cancel- 4 wide margins-Attractive  Cat £750-  £235   SOLD

1d Mulready Letter Sheet (A1) used from  London on 11th May- Cancelled by T.P.Cornhill (No MX) also has "Too Late" in same red  colour Scarse -  Cats £12,000 as cancelled by  solely Penny Post  Very Fine- £1250    SOLD

1915 10/- Pale Blue De La Rue Seahorse-Fine Unmounted Mint-Clean and fresh-has usual slightly streaky gum- Has a clear 2015 RPS cert-  SG.413  Cat £4250--- £1500  SOLD

£1 Green I.R.Official - Very Fine used cancelled by fine upright Aberdeen CDS- Has a clear 2020 Wenvoe Cert of opinion--SG.O16 Cat £2500--£945

5/- I.R.Official- Fine used cancelled by fine Dumfries CDS- Has a clear 2020 Wenvoe Cert- SG.O9  Cat £2500--£585  SOLD

10/- Indigo Blue marginal Unmounted Mint- little off centre otherwise fine- clean and fresh- SG.402-- Cat £1800-- £465

£1 Green Marginal Unmounted Mint-There is a slight paper wrinkle in margin only otherwise the stamp is clean and fresh with excellent untoned and uncreased otiginal gum--SG.403 Cat £3750---£2000