Longmead Philatelics


1d Mulready Env (A151) used from London 10th Feb 1842- cancelled by a black MX with "Strand" beside-addressed to University College - Oxford- has a small repaired corner scuff otherwise fine -   £150


1d Mulready Letter Shett (A23) used on 9th May 1840-- Cancelled by fine Red MX (away from Brittania) -Dated reverse CDS  for 9th May a bit washy but legible -  (Also has script 1840 inside)- Cat £2600-- £460

1d Mulready Env (A175)  Superb used on May 1840 (Looks like 12th - but 2nd figure not clear)- Cancelled by a super Red MX- Clean fresh and outstanding-  Cat £1200  as used in May)--£295   SOLD

1d Mulready Letter Sheet (A6) Superb used cancelled by a super dark Red MX- Shows Langport Mileage Mark- Clean fresh and attractive- £285

1d Mulready Letter Sheet (A150) -of Superb facial appearance cancelled by a lovely Red MX- used on June 1840 - Reverse with Royston undated circular-Clean and uncreased-- £235

1d Mulready Env  (A147) -used from Bridgewater -cancelled by  Red MX-Shows the Bridgewtare town CDS on front- £195

1d Mulready Letter Sheet (A69)-with late usage Oct 21-1845 cancelled by 89 in numeral London District cancel- Very light horiz crease  Cat £1000-- £225

1d Mulready Letter Sheet - Used from Colchester (town CDS in Magenta on reverse - which also shows part Boxed No.6)  - £195

1d Mulready Letter Shett used from  Lynn to Dereham -both towm CDS,s showing on front- has ahoriz n crease at base--£165

1d Mulready Enc (A139) used on 20th May 1840 (good clear strike on reverse)- Lightly soiled -small corner fault - Cat £1200   - £180

1d Mulready Letter Sheet (A22) of neat appearance cancelled by fine Red MX-away from Brittania - minor faults/crease at base-- £150

1d Mulready Env (A178( Very Fine used on 7th July 1840-Clean and uncreased  Cat £550-- £175   SOLD

1d Mulready Env (a145) used from Ipswich- Fair used cancelled by Red MX-has a slight fold at right and a repaired tear at top- £74

1d Mulready Env (A151) used from Darlington (May 4th-1842) Bluish Black town CDS on  reverse- Also shows Sunderland town CDS for May 5th-suoer condition, clean and uncreased--£220