Longmead Philatelics


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1d Red (PF) Plate 62 superb mint with excellent original (appears to be unmounted- 4 good margins) Shows listed variety "Blur at left of P Square"- Lovely fresh colour and appearance- Cat £650--£185

1d Red (KL) Plate 68 mint with origianl gum - 4 well clear to large margins- Gum a little patchy/disturbed- Fine clean fresh appearance- Cat £650--- £65   SOLD

1d Red (QL) Plate 79 in a pale shade- Very good mint with original gum-  4 clear to large margins  Cat £650-- £110   SOLD

1841 1d Red (TK) Mint with fine original gum ( Just the very  faintest trace of hinge mark)-  4 good to large margins- Lovely fresh bright colour  Cat £650----£150  SOLD