Longmead Philatelics


1d Star (PH) Wk- LC Perf 14 Blued paper from Pl.35 overprinted Specimen Type 2 vertically- Fine Mint

SG.29s Cat £750-- £125

Interesting cover: originally posted OHMS with Red" Paid CDS" -then reposted with 1d Red SG.22 on May 28th cancelled by a fine Plymioutrh duplex to Chudleigh- The item was an Inland Revenue Legacy with a separate reply section- this was turned and reposted from Plouth but the covering stamp is missing- £40   SOLD

1d Pale Rose used on env cancelled by Bluish Black CDS of Peebles (has its original letter inside)-Cover has a horiz crease well away from stamp- SG.Spec Cat £350 as Black CDS-- £65

1d Very Deep Red Brown- Wk-SC-Perf 14 Die 1 used block of 4 - Neat cancels -but small corner fault and some slight stians/soils-but overall good appearance  C2--SG.22 Cat £750 as block of 4-  £62   SOLD

1d Red Brown Die 1 Alph II WK Sc Perf 14 - horiz strip of 4 - Good used  SG.SpecC2- Cat £400---£38   SOLD

1d Brown Rose horiz pair cancelled by single Boxed cancel )most probably Pitt Street)-Fine  SG.C8- £48

1d Red Brown- Large Crown P.14 Blued paper cancelled by a Bluish MX--Has a 1979 RPS Cert as" C8 Plate 28 cancelled with mixed inks"-  Scarse -Cat £650 as a Black MX- £290  SOLD

1d  Star Rose-Red cancelled by Inspectors X Mark- Fine and most unusual-  £52

1d Red (FG) Plate 100 with Archer Perf 16- Fine used, somewhat above average for these- SG.16b  Cat £650-- £190   SOLD

1850 1d Red (LC) Plate 100 with Archer perf 16- Good sound used- SG.16b Cat £650--£125 SOLD

1854 1d Red an Imprimatur from Plate 178- Wk small crown (SG.17-C1)  Cat £850-  £310

1d Red (BH) Plate194 -Very fine used cancelled by part CDS- Attractive. SG.17  Cat £130  -£35  SOLD

1d Red SG.17 pair cancelled by single 345 diamond of Mullingar-Fine --£50  SOLD

1d Red SG.17 cancelled by part Cowgate staright line scots cancel- £25

1855 1d Orange-Red (Wk LC- Perf 14-AlphIII on blued paper- Plate 40)- Unmounted Mint Blaock of 4. Fine clean and fresh. Has a clear 1999 RPS Cert. SG.C8(7)  Cat £6000 as singles- £875

1855 1d Red Brown (HA) Wk-Sc-Perf 14 from plate 24- Very good used-Has a clear 2011 RPS Cert SG.C7  Cat £850- £195

1d Red Brown (TI) LC-Perf 14 Blued paper- Excellent fresh unused appearance- Gum possibly sweated/redistributed- SG.29 Cat £240--  £35

1d Rose Red SG.40b cancelled by french 706 lozenge cancel--£25  SOLD

1d Red (TB)  SG.40 cancelled by Salisbury Trial cancel - £56  SOLD

1d Red SG.22 used on env from London-  Good appearance-Contains original letter-  Cat £180---£10   SOLD

1d Rose Red star with O.U.S overprint- used on neat env- Very Fine  SG.PP220  Cat £200-- £88