Longmead Philatelics


1d Star (PH) Wk- LC Perf 14 Blued paper from Pl.35 overprinted Specimen Type 2 vertically- Fine Mint

SG.29s Cat £700-- £160

1d Star (EJ) Alph III- Wk Small crown Perf 14 from Plate 25.  Fine used.

SG.C7 -  Cat £1100 -  £240

1857 1d Pale Red (GI) Plate 48

Variety IMPERF- 4 clear towide margins-Some gum -Good appearance

SG.38a Cat £4800  -£525

1850 1d Red (EI) Plate 100 with Archer per f16- Good mint with original gum- Has a clear 1949 BPA Cert- SG.16b Cat £3500-£595

1d  Rose Red Star with Inverted Wk- Fine used. SG.40wi- Cat £85  -£15

18561d Pale Red (DG) on- transitional paper-  Fine neatly used  SG.C9(2) Cat £70- £12

Interesting cover: originally posted OHMS with Red" Paid CDS" -then reposted with 1d Red SG.22 on May 28th cancelled by a fine Plymioutrh duplex to Chudleigh- The item was an Inland Revenue Legacy with a separate reply section- this was turned and reposted from Plouth but the covering stamp is missing- £40

1d Pale Rose used on env cancelled by Bluish Black CDS of Peebles (has its original letter inside)-Cover has a horiz crease well away from stamp- SG.Spec Cat £350 as Black CDS-- £65

1861 Entire bearing a strip of 4 1d Red stars SG.40 from Liverpool to Marseille- Interesting contents being a request for a quote for two vessels to go to Sierra Leone to load 250 tons of Ground Nuts-entire with slight horiz and vert creases-- £52