Longmead Philatelics


1902-10 2/6 to £1 overprinted Specimen -generally good to fine mint - the £1 has another small part of the overprint at top

Cat £2700       -£525

£1 Dull Blue Green in an exceptionally deep/bright colour for DLR cancelled by super Guernsey CDS

Exceptional for issue

SG.265   Cat £825     £345

£1 Dull Blue Green-- Marginal at base--Fine used cancelled by Guernsey CDS

SG.266  - Cat £825--- £325

£1 Blue Green -  A vertical pair

Fine used each cancelled by Guernsey CDS.  SG.266  Cat £1650- ---£595

£1 Blue Green - A vertical pair

Very Good used  cancelled by Cowes CDS-- SG.266  Cat £1650 cancels-   £395

EdVII -£1 Green - very Fine Mint with fine original gum Looks Unmounted but has faint trcae of hinging-Wk is misplaced (roughly split 50% top/bottom of stamp

Fine clean and fresh.  SG.266  Cat £2000    £545

EdVII 2/6 Lilac -  Fine used cancelled by Edinburgh CDS

SG.260 Cat £150--  £42

EdVII  10/- Ultram Very Fine neatly used-cancelled by Lavender Hill-Battersea CDS for 11th April 1902. 6 days after issue

SG.264  Cat £500  £185

2/6d Lilac- Superb Unmounted Mint-Lovely colour-Excellent perfs and centering-Untoned/uncread original gum- Outstanding- SG.260  Cat £525-  £295   SOLD

2/6 Lilac Slate Purple on chalky paper- in a super dark shade. Very fine Unmounted Mint- SG.262  Cat £600- £260

2/6 Dull purple on chalky paper paper- Unmounted mint -odd very slightly roughish perf tips+a few tiny speck spots on reverse--SG.262  Cat £600  - £105   SOLD

2/6 Pale dull purple -Unmounted mint but much off centre-  SG.261  Cat £675  - £85  SOLD

5/- Bright Carmine Superb Unmounted Mint - excellent gum perfs and centering--SG.263  Cat £850-  £375  SOLD

5/- Deep bright Carmine- Superb Unmounted Mint  SG.264-- Cat £900- £375

5/- Bright Carmine - Unmounted mint but lower right corner has much colour suffusion and slight corner crease- SG.263  Cat £850- £45  SOLD

10/- Ultram Superb Unmounted mint-An outstanding stamp with exceptional deep bright colour- Excellent perfs/centering- Untoned/uncreased original--SG.265-- Cat £2000-- £885

10/- Ultram Unmounted Mint in a super vibrant bright shade- Odd perf very slightly just a tad on the  blunt side -still an outstanding stamo  SG.265 Cat £2000 -£650

10/- Ultram - Unmounted mint- gum is slightly toned otherwise very fine- SG.265  Cat £2000- £440

10/- Ultram Unmounted mint - colour bit on the pale side -though doesnt look faded-Excellent untoned/uncreased original gum  SG.265  Cat £2000---£360   SOLD

10/- Ultram Very good mint with very good facial appearnce- Very good colour for De La Rue- Mounted mint.  SG.265  Cat £1000 -- £210

10/- Ultram - Very good marginal  unmounted mint- SG.265  Cat £2000- £750

£1 Dull Green - Superb Unmounted Mint-excellent untoned and uncreased original gum- a very fine stamp--SG.266  cat £3000-- £750   SOLD

£1 Dull Green - Unmounted mint - has a small minor gum wrinkle - otherwise very fine-Clean and fresh- SG266 Cat £3000- £595

£1 Dull Green  Mounted mint -rather untidily mounted and a light gum crease- Good fresh facial appearance-  SG.266 Cat £2000- £245  SOLD

2/6  Lilac- Super- cancelled by a  lovely full neat Bolton CDS- exceptional-  SG.260  Cat £150  --£105   SOLD

2/6 Lilac in a deep shade - Fine used cancelled by Grosvenor Place CDS-  SG.260  Cat £150--£38

5/- Bright Carmine -superb used cancelled by Spalding CDS- some faint very minor marginal soils-very attractive-  SG.263- Cat £220--- £78  SOLD

10/- Ultram- Superb -lovely bright colour cancelled by fine Guernsey (late use)- Attractive  SG.265 

Cat £500  -£220    SOLD

10/- Ultram - Very Fine used- deep colour-Fine used cancelled by Guernsey CDS--SG.265 Cat £500 -- £155

10/- Ultram - of exceptionally deep bright colour- Fine used cancelled by Central Telegraph Office CDS-- SG.265- Cat £500--- £185

10/- Ultram cancelled by Shepherds Bush Exhibition -July 25-1908-  SG.265  Cat £500-- £220

10/- Ultram of very good bright colour -very good used cancelled by Jersey CDS-- SG.265  -  Cat £500--£145

£1 Dull Blue Green in an exceptionally deep shade- Very Fine used with central  173 East Strand B.O.W.C. CDS-  SG.266- Cat £825--  £265

£1 Dull Blue Green- Fine used cancelled by 119 Regent St CDS-  SG.266  Cat £850-- £165    SOLD

£1 EdVII Dull Blue Green-- Very Good sound used cancelled by Guernsey double ring CDS-  SG.266  Cat £825- £160

10/- Ultram Unmounted Mint but has a small  flaw in gum- otherwise fine and of excellent appearance- Cat £2000  -- £295   SOLD