Longmead Philatelics


1/2d Green Die 2 Wk. Multiple cypher-An imperf Vertical pair

Fine Unmounted Mint

SG.346b   Cat £500     £135

1924 1/2d Green overprinted Cancelled Type 24 & handpunched Type P-    Cat £90   -  £28

1d Die 1b Die proof Imperf in Carmine on chalk surfaced paper

No wk--Fine Unmounted mint

Cat £280   --- £65  SOLD

1d Die1b Deep Bright Carmine - Inv Wk. excellent shade-Mounted mint-some perfs trimmed at base

SG.Spec N8(5)   Cat £70  - £10

1d Die 2 Wk Crown- Analine Scarlet  (excellent example of this shade -good lamp reaction)

Fine Unmounted Mint

SG.343   Cat £275--- £95

1d Die 1b - Die Proof Imperf pair in Carmine on chalk surfaced paper . No Wk

Cat  £560 ---  £105

1d Analine Scarlet Die 2 -Wk Crown

Marginal Unmounted Mint

Ex McCleery -has copy of 1977 RPS Cert when it was in a strip of 12

SG.343    Cat £275    £105

1912 1d Orange-Vermilion. Very Fine Unmounted Mint

SG.N.16(15)  Cat £225  -  £75  SOLD

1912 1/2d Green Wk Multiple Cypher-Fine Unmounted Mint with unusually good perfs and centering

SG.397   Cat £250 -- £100

1/2d Green Die 1a with perf error Perf.14- Fine used cancelled by usual Great Yarmouth CDS-- SG.322a  Cat £1000-- £420   

1911 1d Scarlet  Die 1b (with inverted Wk) overprinted Specimen- Fine unmounted mint  SG.332s Cat £750--  £210

1d Die 1a -Wk Crown shwoing variety "No Cross on Crown" - Fine unmounted mint--SG.328a  Cat £1250--£350

1912- 2d Intense Bright Orange  - good colour/suffusion - Fine used cancelled by Haslemere CDS--  SG.spec N19(9)  Cat £475--  £125

1912 1d Pale Scarlet - The Somerset House Experimental printing (courser printing)-  Fine Unmounted Mint--SG>Spec N17a  Cat £875--  £295   

1924 1.`1/2d Red Brown -Variety Printed on Gummed side-  Fine Unmounted Mint--SG.420c  Cat £1000-- £380

1924 1/2d Green (Wk Inverted) Block of 4 with  cancelled /handpunched - Very fine Mint- SG.Spec N33x  Cat £360   - £55

1924 1/2d Green (Wk Inverted) -overprinted Cancelled/handpunched cross- Fine Unmounted Mint- SG Spec N33x  Cat £90-- £18

1924 10d Turquise blue -nicely used on small Parcel Post Label -cancelled by Moses Gate Farnworth CDS- £20  SOLD

1911-12 1/2d +1d (SG3231 and 328) used on First Day cover-env has a diagonal crease-- £38   SOLD

1924-26 10d Turquise Blue with Inverted Wk -Unmounted Mint - has a small not really noticeable corner fault-Fine clean appearance--SG 428wi  Cat £3750--  £925   SOLD