Longmead Philatelics


1/2d Die 1A Bluish Green (good definate shade)-superb marginal Unmounted Mint has clear 2005 RPS Cert

SG.323    Cat £400    £145  SOLD

1/2d Die 1b Bluish green - Unmounted Mint-Has 1979 RPS cert states Pale shade (looks pretty much a mid shade to me)

SG.326    Cat £260   £90   SOLD

1/2d Green Die 2 Wk. Multiple cypher-An imperf Vertical pair

Fine Unmounted Mint

SG.346b   Cat £500     £135

1924 1/2d Green overprinted Cancelled Type 24 & handpunched Type P-    Cat £90   -  £28

1d Die 1b Die proof Imperf in Carmine on chalk surfaced paper

No wk--Fine Unmounted mint

Cat £280   --- £65

1d Die1b Deep Bright Carmine - Inv Wk. excellent shade-Mounted mint-some perfs trimmed at base

SG.Spec N8(5)   Cat £70  - £10

1d Die 2 Wk Crown- Analine Scarlet  (excellent example of this shade -good lamp reaction)

Fine Unmounted Mint

SG.343   Cat £275--- £95

1/2d Die 1a Bluish Green  -Superb Unmounted Mint block of 4-Excellent perfs and centering

Has a clear 2012 RPS Cert 

SG.323  Cat £1600   -  £485

1/2d Blue Green (nice definate shade)  Fine marginal unmounted Mint

SG.326   Cat £260--  £78

1d Die 1b - Die Proof Imperf pair in Carmine on chalk surfaced paper . No Wk

Cat  £560 ---  £105

1d Analine Scarlet Die 2 -Wk Crown

Marginal Unmounted Mint

Ex McCleery -has copy of 1977 RPS Cert when it was in a strip of 12

SG.343    Cat £275    £105

1d Scarlet Vermilion Die 2 -  Fine Marginal Unmounted Mint ( small adherance in margin)

Has a clear 2004 Brandon Cert

NG.11/6   Cat £1700-   £550   SOLD

1912 1/2d Very Pale Green (good definative shade)- Fine Unmounted Mint

Has copy of 2016  RPS Cert when in a strip of 3

SG. N.14(4)   Cat £300   -  £125   SOLD

1912 1d Orange-Vermilion. Very Fine Unmounted Mint

SG.N.16(15)  Cat £225  -  £75

1912 1.1/2d (Bright) Chestnut in a positional marginal block of 4 one showing the variety PENCF Corrected- (long lower arm of E)  - Fine Mint

SG. N.18h  Cat £475    £175   SOLD

1912 1/2d Green Wk Multiple Cyupher-Fine Unmounted Mint with unusually good perfs and centering

SG.397   Cat £250 -- £100

1/2d Green Die 1a with perf error Perf.14- Fine used cancelled by usual Great Yarmouth CDS-- SG.322a  Cat £1000-- £495 

1/2d Die 1A- Bluish Green Fine unmounted Mint-Excellent shade has a clear 2006 PRS Cert-  SG.323  Cat £400-- £130  - SOLD

1911 1d Scarlet  Die 1b (with inverted Wk) overprinted Specimen- Fine unmounted mint  SG.332s Cat £750--  £210

1924 1.1/2d Red Brown- Printed on the gummed side-marginal Unmounted mint-Excellent facial appearance  SG.420c  Cat £1000-  £445   SOLD

1934 1.1/2d Red Brown am Imperforate Pair- Fine Unmounted Mint with good to massive margins (from sheet corner)-- Has a clear undated  BPA Cert (Lokks 1960, signed Robson Lowe and Pemberton)--- SG.441a  Cat £1700-      -£440    SOLD

1912 1/2d Green Die 2-Wk Cypher with Inverted Wk-Unmounted Mint. SG.344 wi  Cat £600--£110   SOLD

1934 1.1/2d Colour trials Imperf in Blue-Deep grey Green and Scarlet- Fine unmounted mint  Cat £480-- £120  SOLD

1934 1d Scarlet Large Head Imperf colour trial- Fine Unmounted Mint Cat £180-  £58