Longmead Philatelics


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1/- Pale green Embossed Die 2

4 wide to mostly large/massive margins (showing parts of two adjoing stamps)- Slight mild soil but otherwise fine and impressive

SG.54 Cat £1000-- £240

1/- Pale Green embossed cancelled by 173 numeral sideways dulpex of Cheltenham- 4 good to huge margins all around but has repaired embossing split

SG.54  Cat £1000--£95

1/- Green embossed - Fine used with good to mostly large/huge margins all around- £195   SOLD

1/- Green Embossed-  Very Fine used- Lightly cancelled with 4 good to huge margins (showing of 2 adjoining stamps)  SG.55  Cat £1000-- £290

1/-  Green- Fine used with 4 good to huge margins all around- SG.55   Cat £1000--- £195  SOLD

He1/- Green Embossed Die 2- 4 just clear to mostly/large/huge margins all around- has a small repair at base of one of the silk threads  SG.55   Cat £1000--  £105  SOLD