Longmead Philatelics



1d Red (GF) Plate 34 nicely used on small piece cancelled by a fine Black MX- 4 good to large margins- £9

1d Red Brown (DI-DJ) Horiz pair Plate 45 with 4 large to mostly massive margins all around- cancelled by 32 numerals of Ashton-under-Lyne-   Cat £110---- £25   SOLD

1d Red (CB) Plate 76 showing the  constant variety (top frame line recut and misaligned)-- V.Fine with 4 good margins- £18

1d Red (TI) Plate 79- showing horiz line in T square + Letter "T" Double- Fine with 4 good to large margins-£15 SOLD

1d Red (ID-IE) Plate 147 very attractive neatly cancelled horiz pair- Clean and fresh with wide to large margins all around-£20   SOLD

1d Red (AK) Plate 12- State 3- Very fine used with 4 good to large margins cancelled by a fine black MX- SG.Spec  Cat £275. (Williams ✓)  £95

1d Red (TK) Plate 16-  Superb used with 4 wide/large margins cancelled by a very fine MX-£22  SOLD

1d Red  (SC) Plate 25 State 2- Very fine used with 4 good/wide margins cancelled by fine MX- Cat £225  (Also will include a state 1 4 margins good used)-(Williams ✓)--£45   SOLD

1d Red (MA) Plate 28 showing "M" double- Superb used with 4 good to hue margins cancelled ny a neat Scottish MX--£42  SOLD

1d Reds  (SA) From plate 25 from both states 1&2- Both Good/Very good used with 4 margins Cat £225-(Williams ✓)-  £16

1d Red (OK) Plate 29- exception-4 large to huge margins-Fine Black MX- £69  SOLD

1d Red (LG) Plate 31-Superb used cancelled by lovely MX 4 wide margins Cat £60---£24  SOLD

1d Red (LJ) Superb used cancelled by a superb full strike if black MX- 4 good to huge margins-  £22  SOLD

1d Red LK from Plate 75 being the Union Jack Re-entry which is clearly visible and clear of cancel Good used with 4 good to large margins  of Re-entry.  SG 8c  Cat £3000--£465  SOLD

1d Red (RL) Plate 60  - Fine neatly used with 4 good to mostly large margins-- £10  SOLD

1d Red (SG-SH) Plate 80 cancelled by singlw 852 numeral of Welshpool- Clear to good margins-SG with tiny corner tip crease--£72

1d Red (MK) Plate 119 very fine used with 4 large huge margins all around- Neat 132 numeral of Brighton-£18   SOLD

H1d Orange Brown (CG)  Plate 157-showing constant variety" Line in C"  - very fine with 4 very good to huge margins-  £24

1d Red (AA) cancelled by 52 numeral London district numeral- 4 good to massive margins- £33

1d Red (TH) Plate 33 -showing Basal shift - Very fine used cancelled by an excellent MX- 4 good margins--£38