Longmead Philatelics



1d Red (CE) Plate 107

Very fine used with 4 good to large margins- neatly cancelled  leaving profile clear--- £68

1d Red (GF) Plate 34 nicely used on small piece cancelled by a fine Black MX- 4 good to large margins- £10

1d Red (OD) Plate 145 with Inverted Wk- Very fine used cancelled by Scottish 159  numeral of Glasgow-  Cat £400-£65   SOLD

1d Red (TK) Plate 16 -(State 1)  Superb used - 4 wide margins -fine Red MX--£24

1d Red (LG) Plate 31- Superb used -Lovely Red MX- 4 wide margins-£16

1d Red (FJ) Plate 37 - Fine used with 4 good to massive margins- Cat £110 --- £20   SOLD

1d Red Brown (DI-DJ) Horiz pair Plate 45 with 4 large to mostly massive margins all around- cancelled by 32 numerals of Ashton-under-Lyne- £28

1d Red (CB) Plate 76 showing the Re-entry (top frame line recut and misaligned)-- V.Fine with 4 good margins- £22

1d Red (TI) Plate 79- showing horiz line in T square + Letter "T" Double- Fine with 4 good to large margins-£15

1d Red (TB-TE) plate 95 horiz srtip of4 - clearly showing the constant variety curved line joining TD/TE at base-- 4 very good to mostly large/massive margins all around---£52   SOLD

1d Pale Orange red on white paper  Plate 95 horiz strip of 5 - Large to huge margins all around- fairly neatly cancelled for such a strip- £68   SOLD

1d Red (FH-FK) Plate 143 horiz strip of 4- wide to large margins all around- £52   SOLD

1d Red (ID-IE) Plate 147 very attractive neatly cancelled horiz pair- Clean and fresh with wide to large margins all around-£20

1d Orange Brown (CG) Plate 157 - showing constant variety "line under C"- Very fine with 4 v.good to huge margins- £30

1d Lake Red (NJ) Plate 161 - Fine with 4 good to wide margins (this is the correct palting area for this shade- Cat £850   - £195

1d Red (BH-BK) Plate 165 -Fine used strip of 4 with good to large margins all around- £45   SOLD

1d Red (PB)  Plate 53 - Mint with fine original gum- Excellent fresh clean  appearance-Good good to wide margins all around-- £160   SOLD

1d Red (AA) cancelled by "52" London District numeral -  4 good to  mostly massive margins (showing a tiny bit if inscription)-  £42

1d Red (PH)  Pl46 with Inverted Wk- Fine used with 4 good margins-cancelled by 376 numeral of Honiton- Cat £400- £65   SOLD

1d Red (EI-EK) Plate 50 neatly used strip of 3 with 4 wide/large margins- some light creasing--£20   SOLD