Longmead Philatelics



1d Red (CE) Plate 107

Very fine used with 4 good to large margins- neatly cancelled  leaving profile clear- Cat £525-- £85

1d Red (CG) Plate 107

Fine used - 4 good margins- quite neatly cancelled--Cat £525--£68   SOLD

1d Red (IL-JL) vert pair from Plate 21- Fine with good to large margins part sheet  margin with inscription at right---£95   SOLD

1d Red (RA-RB) horiz pair cancelled by single MX--  4 good to wide margins-- £90    SOLD

1d Red (GF) Plate 34 nicely used on small piece cancelled by a fine Black MX- 4 good to large margins- £12

1d Orange Brown (TA-TB) horiz pair with wide to mostly v.large to huge margins -cancelled by light 190 numerals of Chichester-£95    SOLD

1d Red (RA) very good used with wide margins all around-full sheet margin at left- £100   SOLD

1d Red (OD) Plate 145 with Inverted Wk- Very fine used cancelled by Scottish 159  numeral of Glasgow-  Cat £400-£65

1d Red (OL) Alph II -with Inverted Wk- Fine used with 4 just clear to mmostly large/huge margins - Cat £400- £55  SOLD

1d Red ((MD) Alph ii with Inverted Wk. Fine used with 4 good to wide margins  Cat £400  - £70