Longmead Philatelics



1d Red (SD) plate 35 used on cover cancelled by No.7 in MX.

Stamp with 4 wide margins-reverse - Leicester  May 15-1843 receiving town CDS  in blue. Stamp with 4 wide margins all around.  Cat £450  -  £78

1d Red (BH) Plate 36  (double "H")  used on cover cancelled by fine upright No,9 in MX- Cover with large part of reverse flap torn away- Stamp with 4 good to wide margins  Cat £550   -  £44

1d Red (LK-LL) horiz pair used on entire cancelled No.1 in MX- Stamps with clear to wide margins-Cover with light central vert fold line- £165

1d Red (ED) used on cover cancelled by a very fine strike of No.5 in MX- Stamp superb with large/huge margins- Cover clean/fresh and attractive- Cat £550- £165

1d Red (JL) Plate 36 used on cover cancelled by a very fine strike of No.4 in MX Stamp with 4 good margins -shows "J" flaw- Cover with 2 light vert creases, one running through stamp but neither affecting appearance which remains attractive  Cat £1600--- £295

1841 1d Red (BD) used on neat env cancelled by a fine No.6 iin MX--Stamp with 4 good margins -TP Holloway Rd beside stamp- A very fine item  Cat £450-- £175

1d Red (LG) plate 34 used on cover originally sent stampless with Red octagonal London Paid (4th Sept 1843) with Norton Fulgate/1d Paid beside- most unusual for such a late date-- The cover then redirected to Dover  applied with a 1d Red and cancelled by No.8 in MX-stamp with 4 good margins-- £250