Longmead Philatelics



1884 £1 Brown Lilac Wk Crowns - Fine used cancelled by CDS cancels- Good colour-  SG.185  Cat £3000 --£425   SOLD

1884 £1 Brown Lilac Wk Crowns- Of fine appearance cancelled by full neat strike of Edinburgh CDS -but has a small perf repair, bardly noticeable- SG.185  Cat £3000--£375

1884- £1 Brown Lilac Very Good sound used- unusally cancelled by Irish 186 diamond of Dublin-Good dark colour.  SG.185  Cat £3000--£280

1884 £1 Bron Lilac Wk Crowns- Good colour quite neat cancel but has a small not obvious perf repair-SG.185   Cat £3000-   £210  SOLD

1888 £1 Brown Lilac Wk Orbs-- Fine used cancelled by neat single registered oval- Good colour Clean- SG,186  Cat £4500  -  £1100

1888 £1 Brown Lilac (IB) Wk Orbs- Fine used-well centered good perfs- Good colour  SG.186 Cat £4500 ---£725

1888 £1 Brown Lilac (JB) Wk Orbs -Of fine appearance cancelled by Blackpool CDS- some slight soiling lower right corner--SG.186---Cat £4500-- £645  SOLD

£1 Brown Lilac (RB) Wk Orbs cancelled by 679 telegraphic circle (light part box cancel)-Has a lue crayon mark otherwise goos sound used  SG.186  Cat £4500  ---£375    SOLD

£1 Brown Lilac (RD) Wk Orbs-Of good appearance - excellent colour but has a tiny corner fault-- SG.186  Cat £4500-- £375   SOLD

1891 £1 Green (MD) Very fine mint- Lovely fresh clean appearance-lovely colour and print and excellent untoned original gun- Very lightly mounted-  SG.212  Cat £3500- £985

1891 £1green (QB) Good mint-Very good clean and freshh appearance- has a horiz fold  gum bend-- SG.212  Cat £3500--£695

1891 £1 Green (NA) mint - of very good appearance-but reverse rather untidely mounted leaving a little hinge stains-  SG.212  Cat £3500- £465   SOLD

£1 Green (CB) Very Fine used cancelled by London CDS- Good colour perfs and cetering  SG.212  Cat £800 £310

1891 £1 Green being the "TA" Broken Frame" variety-Light neat registered cancels leave head clear --has a tiny touched up rub spot (easily missable)- SG.212a  Cat £2000--  £325   SOLD

1891 £1 Green (QC) Good used with single registered cancel--colour bit on the pale side  SG.212  Cat £800-  £145