Longmead Philatelics



1884- £1 Brown Lilac Very Good sound used- unusally cancelled by Irish 186 diamond of Dublin-Good dark colour.  SG.185  Cat £3000--£275  SOLD

1891 £1 Green (MD) Very fine mint- Lovely fresh clean appearance-lovely colour and print and excellent untoned original gun-  Only faint trace of hinge-  SG.212  Cat £3500- £1100

1891 £1 green (ID) Very Good mint with  lovely fresh colour and appearance- Very lightly mounted (if at all) but with some slight gum creases-  SG.212  Cat £3500--£825 SOLD

1891 £1 Green- Good used cancelled by Belfast CDS-  SG.212 Cat £800- £200   

£1 Brwon Lilac- Wk Crowns-with Superb deep bright colour cancelled by Manchester Accounts CDS-Outstanding-  SG.185--  Cat £3000-- £850  SOLD

£1 Brown Lilac -Good colour- Very Fine used cancelled by College Green-Dublin.- SG.185   Cat £3000- £625  

£1 Brown Lilac (QC) Wk Crowns- Very Good colour-Neat Cancel but some small perf faults-still very much above average appearance.  SG.185 Cat £3000-£265   SOLD

£1 Brown Lilac (LB) Wk Crowns- Good colour reasonably good cancel.  SG.185  Cat £3000- SOLD


£1 Brown Lilac (GB) Wk Orbs---Fine used with single Registered cancel- SG.186  Cat £4500--£720

£1 Brwon Lilac (DD) Wk Orbs- Good colour and reasonably very good appearance- but has trace of a light crease -SG.186  Cat £4500-- £475   SOLD

£1 Broan Lilac (QA) Wk Orbs of reasonably good appearance but has a small corner repair.  SG.186  Cat £4500-- £345   SOLD


1891 £1 Green overprinted Specimen- Fine mint, clean and freshh  SG.212 Cat £1100-- £320

1891 £1 Green (PA) Superb used with stunning bright colour- cancelled by neat upright Glasgow CDS_ Outstanding  £375  SOLD

1891 £1 Green in a deeper shade neatly used cancelled by Dudley-Worcs CDS- SG.212 - £265

1891 £1 Green (JD) in a super deep shade- Fine used cancelled ny a single central Registered cancel  Cat £800--£250

1891 £1 Green (HA) Fine used nealty cancelled by parts od two registered cancel leaving virtually whole head clear-- SG.212 Cat £800-- £185   SOLD