Longmead Philatelics



1/- Green Govt Parcel -neatly cancelled by upright London CDS

Fair colour

SG.O68    Cat £275  -- £28

1d Lilac Govt Parcels used block of 4 with CDS cancels -some small imperfections/stains

SG.O69   Cat £120    £12

1/- Green I.R.Official -Very good used cancelled by 498 numeral iin Blue-

Has a clear 1988 RPS Cert (with observation "telegraphic obliteration)

SG.O7  Cat £1900  -  £295

£1 Green I.R.Official cancelled by Manchester Accounts CDS - Good colour - Centered to left  otherwise fine

SG.O16 Cat £2500  -   £645

EdVII 2d Govt Parcels -Very fine mint (appears to be unmounted)

SG.O75 Cat £225-     £52  SOLD

EdVII 6d Army Official - Good used horiz pair each with Chatham circular cancels -some odd minor soils.

SG.O50   Cat £160    £20

EdVII 2d Admiralty Official _ Fine used cancelled by London CDS

SG.O104    Cat £160-- £45

EdVII 3d Admiralty Official -Good used cancelled by Chatham CDS

SG.O106   Cat £160-- £34

EdVII 3d Admiralty Official (Type O11) -Fine used cancelled by Sheerness CDS

SG.O112   Cat £400---£75  SOLD

EdVII 1/2d O.W.Official- Fine used cancelled by CDS- SG.o36  Cat £180--£35

Ed VII 2d O.W.Official- Very Fine used cancelled by usual Western District CDS-  SG.O38  Cat £450  -- £135

9d Green -Govt Parcels- Fair to good used-  SG.O63- Cat £1200 -- £62

£1 Green I.R.Official - Very Fine used cancelled by neat light oval- Has a clear 2020 Wenvoe Cert -  SG.O16-  Cat £2500--   £685

6d Green Govt Parcels-Good used reasonably good cancel-Has a Wenvoe opinion states" slightly faded" SG.O62- Cat £1400- £88

9d Green Govt Parcels- Fine used  neatly cancelled by Parcel Post Hooded CDS- Very much above average-Has a clear 2020 Wenvoe Cert- SG.O63-Cat £1200--250

9d Green Govt Parcels-Very Good used with Brickhouse CDS- Has 2020 Wenvoe opinion stating "Genuine-slightly faded"- SG.O63 Cat £1200- £95

EdVII 9d Govt Parcels-Superb Mint-appears Unmounted -Has  2020 Wenvoe opinion- SG.O77 Cat £650--£150  SOLD

EdVII 2.1/2d Board Of Education cancelled by CDS-Has 2020 Wenvoe opinion as genuine-SG.O85 Cat £475- £88

EdVII 2.1/2d Board of Education -used cancelled by Derby CDS-Has 2020 Wenvoe opinion stating Horizontal crease-  Its quite light- SG.O85- Cat £475--£48