Longmead Philatelics

1d Mulready  env (A143) used from Bristol cancelled by a Vermilion MX - Reverse has a Bristol town CDS for 14th Feb 1841 in the same colour-  Shows Brislington undated circular on fron- Fine and attractive  Cat £2200-- £440

1d Mulready Letter shett (A64) used on 7th May 1840 from London- (+ good May 7th backstamp)- Has a central fault/soil with some creasing- Cat £2200 -- £395   SOLD

1d Mulready Env (A148) used on 11th May 1840- cancelled by a fine Red MX + has Cromer St in blue also on front- Good appearance Cat £1200- £310

1d Mulready Letter Shett (A23) used on 9th May 1840-- Cancelled by fine Red MX (away from Brittania) -Dated reverse CDS  for 9th May a bit washy but legible -  (Also has script 1840 inside)- Cat £2600-- £460

1d Mulready Env (A180) used on 13th May cancelled by a fine sthike of Red MX - also shows TP88.Oxford St on front- Excellent 13th May backstamp  Cat £1200-- £360  SOLD