Longmead Philatelics

1d Mulready Letter Sheet A34 being an advert for "The Economic Life Assurance Society" -Interesting and busy originally posted with late usage from London with London Inland Numeral -+ Portsmouth receiver 1st Jan 1840 to Admirals Office -then redirected to Elliott Place Gosport paid with 1 script mark-- Lightly toned, some minor soils + light vert crease -MA117a --£325


1d Mulready Letter Sheet used from London June 22-1844- Cancelled by fine 11  in diamond Inland numeral - Has printed Advert for "Samuel Hanson- Importers of Foreign Fruits"  SG.MA436a

Good facial appearance -has two light slight vert creases   £285

1d Mulready Letter sheet being an advert for Clerical & General Life- Fine used from Liverpool 12th Nov-1841 cancelled by a Black MX also shows an undated circular  MA113j- Cat £850  -  £275

1d Mulready letter sheet used from Kelvedon -reverse shows Kelvedon town CDS for Jan 14-1841 + 2x receiving CDS,s (one with code A-the other code D) stangely all in the same pinkish colour as the MX - Fairly good facial appearance -the reverse with some thins/taped up tear  -  £135

Heading 3

1d Muready Env (A145) used from Warrington Sept-18-1841, cancelled by fine Black MX- also shows Leeds town CDS  + Hollingsgreen Penny Post on fron- Fine and uncreased  -£245

1d Mulready Letter Sheet (A31) used from London-Oct 21-1841-Cancelled by a very fine Black MX-Also shows Leeds town CDS on front-very light  vert crease otherwise fine--£190

1d Mulready Letter sheet (A69) used from London to: Post Office Cowes Isle of Wight cancelled by a fine Red MX - Fine and uncreased (Also has a good  example of cross writing inside-- £245


1d Mulready Letter Sheet (A26) cancelled by a fine N0.9 in MX -with Bishopsgate  St   -Some peripheral faults, not affected  good frontal appearance--Cat £3000- £770