Longmead Philatelics

1d Intense Black (HK) Plate 1a-Superb used in an early  impression cancelled by a fine upright Red MX-4 good to large margins-Clean fresh and attractive--£285   SOLD

1d Black (QK) Plate 1a in an early impression-Superb used with 4 wide margins-cancelled by an excellent virtually full Red MX  -£335   SOLD

1d Grey Black (JJ) - showing plate wear- Superb appearance cancelled by a lovely strike of bright Red MX-   4 good to wide margins-Very attractive- £320   SOLD

1d Grey Black  Plate 1a (MG) - showing plate wear- 4 well clear to large margins- cancelled by v.fine Red MX-- £185  SOLD

1d Black (GD) Plate 1a with Inverted wk- cancelled by a Maroon coloured MX (just a trifle oily in part onto reverse) 4 good to wide margis-Difficult plate with Inverted wk-- Cat £4000---£665   SOLD

1d Grey Black (LI) Plate 1a cancelled by  a good Black MX-- 4 good to wide margins-- Cat £1100-- £220    SOLD

1d Black (SH) Plate 1a - Fine appearance-  4 good to wide margins- Good Red MX- £170   SOLD