Longmead Philatelics


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1d Black (NL) Plate 2-Superb used, cancceled by a virtually complete strike of Red MX- 4 good to large margins- Clean, fresh and Attractive--£295

1d Black  (GH) Plate 2--Very Fine used cancelled by what I would term to be a Ruby MX whci leaves profile and most of head clear- 4 Good to large margins---£195

1d Black (TI) Plate 2-Superb Used

4 wide to mostly large/huge margins-cancelled by fine strike Red MX-Clean and appealing

Has clear 2006 RPS cert--£240

1d Grey Black (RK) Plate 2

Fine neatly use4 good margins--£165

1d Black (EB) Plate2 -V.Fine used with matching 1d Red.

The 1d Black with 4 good margins-the red with clear to good margins (clear profile)

Cat £675-- £180

1d Black (QD) Plate 2 cancelled by London Broken Points MX- 4 good margins. Reverse has slight thin or soil on wk area- Black MX scarce on Pl.2-Cat £650  - £105

1d Black (DA) Plate 2 - cancelled by a very fine strike of  Black MX.

4 good to wide margins

-Cat £650---£195

1d Intense Black (II) Plate 2 -of Superb  4 wide to huge margins-cancelled bt an excellent deep red MX, but has a clever marginal repair-- £110

1d Black (DG) Plate 2--Letter "D" large and clearly double

Fine with 4good to wide margins-£150

1d Black (NH) Plate 2--Fine used cancelled by Red MX. 

4 close but clear to v.good margins--£88

1d Black (OH) Plate 2 Fine used cancelled by Red MX

4 close/small margins-- £68