Longmead Philatelics


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1d Black  (LC) Plate 6 in a deep shade. Attractive appearance with 4 good margins-cancelled by a fine Red MX--£185

1d Intense Black (OJ) Plate 6  - Very fine with 4 wide/large margins all around  -  £240  SOLD

1d  Black (CG)  Plate 6- cancelled by 1844 numeral  (appears to be 754)  - 4 close to wide margins  Cat £1800-   -- --£275  SOLD

1d  Greyish Black (CG) Plate 6 Mint with  good original gum- 4 clear to good margins. Has a small hinge which  on inspection could be covering a small pinhole or thin spot- However still a good  stamp- Cat £16,500--£575  SOLD