Longmead Philatelics


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1d Intense Black (LC) Plate 6--Superb used cancelled by a fine Red MX- 4 very good margins-- £240  SOLD

1d Black (OL)  Plate 6 Very Fine used with 4 good to wide marginscancelled by a fine Red MX--  £195 SOLD

1d Black (AF) Plate 6- Very fine used with 4 good to mostly large margins- Cancelled by a fine Black MX-- £175  SOLD

1d Black (NL) Plate 6 - Fine used with 4 good margins - V.Good Red MX- £140  SOLD

1d Black (QJ) Plate 6-- clearly showing the Re-entry at base- Good used with 4 good margins--£135  SOLD

1d Greyish Black (PI) Plate 6 of fine appearance with 4 clear to wide margins cancelled by a good black MX- but has faintest trace of crease (hardly visible without very close inspection) -£95  SOLD

1d Blaxk (LB) Plate 6- clearly  showing "L" Double.- Very good used-  4 good margins-Good black MX- Cat £475--£150  SOLD

1d Black  (AE) Plate 6 cancelled by both Black and Red MX cancels- Fine used with 4 clear to good margins-Both MX,s can be made out-usually these can be of messy appearance- Has  a 1982 Brandon Cert  Cat £1500--£330  SOLD

1d Grey Black  (TB) Plate 6 from state 2- Superb used with good to full margin with deckle edge at base showing inscription- An outstanding item--Has a clear 2021 RPS Cert- £2250  SOLD