Longmead Philatelics


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1d Black (RH) Plate 7 Superb used in a lovely deep shade cancelled by a  very fine Red MX- 4 wide to huge margins-very appealing--£225  SOLD

1d Black (RE) Plate 7 -superb  lo vely bright appearance cancelled by part Red MX leaving profile clear- 4 well clear to huge margins --- £185  SOLD

1d Black (KJ) Plate 7 on thin experimental paper- Very Fine used cancelled by fine Red MX-- £175  SOLD

1d Grey Black (MF) Plate 7 - 4 clear to wide margins cancelled by a lovley bright Red MX- clean fresh and attractive--  £135   SOLD

1d Black (GE) Plate 7 Very fine used cancelled by fine strike of Black MX-  4 good margins- £135   SOLD

1d Black (KI) Plate 7 cancelled by good Red MX--  4 good margins--£110   SOLD

1d Black (QE) Plate 7 used with 4 good margins but has some very slight reverse surface thins/soils - £80  SOLD

1d Black (KC) Plate 7 Fine used on small piece with Tunbridge town CDS beside-Stamp with 4 good to large margins---£150  SOLD

1d Greyish Black (IK-IL) Plate 7- horiz pair Very Good used- 4 good to huge margins  Cat £2000 --£250  SOLD

1d Black (KH) Plate 7 on Bleute Paper cancelled by a very fine ruby-red MX. 4 well clear to good margins- Has a small pressed out corner crease-not visible to naked eye- lovely appearance- £150  SOLD