Longmead Philatelics

1/- Orange|brown Pl.13   Wk Rose

Very Fine used cancelled by a neat Fochabers CDS-Fresh and clean

SG.151 Cat £550  -£240

4d Grey Brown Plate 17  Wk.Garter

Very Good used cancelled by Edinburgh newspaper branch  CDS

SG.154   Cat £500 - £78

2.1/2d Blue Plate 22 - Very Fine Unmounted Mint - gum ever so slightly on the toned side (they usually are) otherwise-an excellent stamp

SG.157   Cat £500 - £150

2.1/2d  Blue Plate 23 -Unmounted Mint-Gum just a little toned side otherwise very fine

SG.157  Cat £450  - £68

3d Rose plate 21-Fine used cancelled by ST.Ives CDS-Good  bright colour

SG.158   Cat £100--- £45

3d Rose Plate 21-Fine Mint with excellent original gum ([probably unmounte-some possible traces of hinge?)==SG.158   Cat £500   - £125

3d Plate 20 an Imprimatur lettered TH-

 Fine with 4 clear to good margins

Cat £2500-- £420

6d Grey Plate 18 -Fine used cancelled by part CDS which leaves profile clear

SG.161   Cat £80  -- £48

4d Grey Brown Plate 17 Wk Garter- Very Fine used cancelled by Hanley CDS-   SG.154 Cat £500---£150

2.1/2d Blue Plate 22 - Fine used cancelled by Malta CDS---£16

4d Grey Brown Plate 17 Fine used cancelled by Manchester CDS- SG.160   Cat £80-- £22

4d Grey Brown Plate 17 - Fine used-Seething Lane CDS-  SG.160  Cat £80--£22

6d Grey Plate 17--Fine Usec- Aberdeen CDS- SG.161- Cat £80--£22

6d Grey Plate 17- Fine Used - London CDS-- SG.161  Cat £80--- £42

6d Grey Plate 17 Cancelled by Mid Yell (Shetland Islands) Very Fine-  SG.161  Cat £80-  £52

6d Grey Palte 18 --Fine Used- Manchester CDS   SG.161 Cat £80- £32

6d Grey Plate 18 Very Good used part CDS leaves profile clear-  SG.161--£28

1/- Orange Brown Plate 13- Very Fine used-Penicuik CDS.  SG.163--Cat £170-- £72

1/- Orange Brown Plate 14- Very Fine used- cancelled by(unclrcled) Newhave CDS- SG.163-- Cat £170- £62

1/- Orange Brown Wk Rose - Good used cancelled by part corner CDS- SG.151  Cat £550--£125

3d on 3d overprint- Fine Unmounted Mint -excellent original gum-  SG.159  Cat £650   -  £250

3d on 3d Overprint-Very Fine Mint. SG.159 Cat £650--- £165

4d Sage Green Pl.15 - cancelled by La Guayra CDS (Venezuela)- Good used- small crayon mark at base- £78

4d Sage Green - fair to good used cancelled by Hyde CDS -SG.153 Cat £325-   £52

4d Grey Brown Pl.17 Very good used-Deal CDS-  SG.154- Cat £500-- £195

8d Orange - Fine Unmounted Mint- Clean and fresh- SG.156  Cat £1850- £525

3d on 3d overprint -Very fine used cancelled by Glos Station CDS--SG.159  Cat £160--  £35

6d Grey Pl.17 Fine used cancelled by Continental NightMail CDS-  SG.161  Cat £70---- £38

3d Rose Plate 21- Superb Unmounted Mint horiz pair -Excellent colour perfs and centering-super original gum- SG.158  Cat £1000- £620

3d Rose Plate 21 -Superb Unmounted mint-Excellent colour/perfs /centering and original gum- exceptional. SG.158  Cat £500-- £295   SOLD