Longmead Philatelics



1d Lilac (Die ii) lower right corner marginal pair showing Control Inverted X- Suoerb mint Cat £200--has a clear 1998 BPA Cert-£42  SOLD

5d Green - Fine Used with quite good colour- much above average- Very nicely used cancelled by part London CDS-  SG.193-  Cat £210-- £20  SOLD

6d Green - Good Unmounted Mint -Very good original gum- SG.194  Cat £625-- £135  SOLD

6d Green-  Very Good Unmounted Mint with nice clean gum- well centered-colour slightly  paler -- SG.194  Cat £625-  £95  SOLD

1d Lilac (16 dot) showing extreme frme break down Right hand side- Appears Unmounted mint but probably sweatd--SG.K8k--Only priced used at £150-a super variaty- £95   SOLD

1881 Colour Trial for the 1d Lilac in Purple on yellow paper -Wk Crown-  Fine mint  Cat £3000-- £650  SOLD

H1880-81 5d Indigo - Superb used cancelled by a fine neat Dublin CDS- SG.169   Cat £175-- £38  SOLD

1880 1d Venetian Red with Inverted Wk  - some small perf faults/soils on reverse otherwise fine and lightly cancelled - surprisingly difficult to find-  SG.166wi  Cat £350 -- £70   SOLD

1881 env from Mere (March 1st) to Canads bearing an unusual combination of 1.1/2d Pl.3 + 1d venetian Red- with purple cache "undelivered for reason stated -not called for. Returned to Mere May 21- 1881 Cancelled by 984 numeral of Mere in blue- Has repaired openong damage at top--  £48  SOLD