Longmead Philatelics

6d Lilac -showing double perfs at sides- neatly cancelled by Liverpool spoon.   SG.70   £52

1/-  Pale green (in a good pastel type shade)-cancelled by Liverpool CDS leaving much of profile  clear. Light tracse of red crayon top leftt

SG.73   Cat £350  --£68

4d Pale Red- Very Fine used cancelled by Brighton CDS- exceptionally good perfs and centering--

SG.80   Cat £140--£135   SOLD

4d Pale Carmine Wk. Medium Garter -Fine used,cancelled by Belfast dated cancel. Very scarse as such.  SG.64   Cat £500 -- £195---SOLD

4d Rose - a very pleasing stamp  neatly cancelled by part numeral which leaves profile and most of head clear-Lovely colour, clean and fresh.  SG.66 Cat £150   -  £20

6d Lilac on thick paper- Very good used , cancelled by 159 numeral of Glasgow.  SG.70b  Cat £350  -  £38

3d Deep  Carmine Rose- neatly cancelled by 761 duplex of Sunderland. So much more above average and quite appealing. SG.75  Cat £575-- £42

9d  Straw (AA)  neatly used (part CDS.Part bars)  Good colour and perfs- Lovely clean print- Much above average.

SG.87  Cat £475--  £110

1/- Green The  variety "K in Circle"- Good used sound used -with cancel clear of variety

SG.90a  Cat £2750   - £425

4d Deep Carmine Wk Small Garter on Blued paper -neatly cancelled by part CDS/Duplex- Very much above average- SG.62   Cat £450 -   £145

4d Carmine Wk Small Garter- Fine used quite neatly used for these --SG.62   Cat £450  -£52   SOLD

4d Rose Carmine Very fine used cancelled by a neat upright Glasgow CDS-   SG.66  Cat £150-- £88

4d Rose Very good used cancelled by Newcastle-on-Tyne CDS- SG.66a  Cat £150--  £45

6d  Lilac in a nice deep shade- Very Fine used cancelled by  neat Liverpool CDS-  SG.68--- Cat £120 -- £95   SOLD

6d Lilac - Fine used cancelled by Canterbury CDS-  SG.68  Cat £120- £58

6d Lilac in quite a bright deeper shade- Fine used cancelled by CDS.  SG.68  Cat £120----£24

1/-  Plae Green- Fine used cancelled by Pembroke CDS-- SG.73   Cat £350--£145

1/- Pale Green Good Used cancelled by Derry CDS-  SG.73  Cat £350 --48

1/- Green- Very Fine used cancelled by Glasgow + small part duplex- Good colour and print  SG.72.  Cat £350-- £68

1/- Green Block of 6 with Inverted Wk-- Very good used-  SG.72 Cat £4200 (as singles)  -  £495

1/- Green with Inverted wk 

-Fine  quite neatly used== SG.72wi   Cat £700  -  £78

4d Bright Carmine Rose- Fine used cancelled by Malta CDS--very good colour for these-- SG76--Cat £350--- £78

9d Bistre- Fine used cancelled by Hull CDS +light parts of duplex- Good perfs and centering- Has a clear 1985 RPS Cert-  SG.86.  Cat £575--- £95

9d Straw with Inverted Wk-- Superb used cancelled by Dundee CDS(+ v.small part corner CDS in Red lower left corner)--Scarse with CDS  SG.87wi  Cat £650--- £245   SOLD

9d Straw with Inverted Wk - Fine used cancelled by neat 221 numeral of Leith-- SG.87wi  Cat £650-  £90

9d Bistre- Superb used with lovely clean print-well centered with good perfs -cancelled by neat part 165 numeral of Carlisle-  SG.86-  Cat £575--£90  SOLD

1/- Pale Grenn -Fine neatly used cancelled by  107 numeral of Bradford--SG90  Cat £300-- £15   SOLD

1/- Green with Inverted Wk  + on thick paper--Fine used cancelled by 498 numeral of Manchester- SG.90a  Cat £450--- £62

6d Lilac SG.70 Two x pairs used on entire from Belfast cancelled by  Belfast duplex (one stamp  by CDS part only) £82  SOLD

6d Lilac cancelled by part Red CDS-Very good used-- £66   SOLD

1/- Green being the variety  "K" in Circle  - Very Fine neatly used with cance; clear of variety--SG.70a-- Cat £2750--£665