Longmead Philatelics

6d Lilac -showing double perfs at sides- neatly cancelled by Liverpool spoon.   SG.70   £42

4d Rose - a very pleasing stamp  neatly cancelled by part numeral which leaves profile and most of head clear-Lovely colour, clean and fresh.  SG.66 Cat £150   -  £18

3d Deep  Carmine Rose- neatly cancelled by 761 duplex of Sunderland. So much more above average and quite appealing. SG.75  Cat £575-- £38  SOLD

9d  Straw (AA)  neatly used (part CDS.Part bars)  Good colour and perfs- Lovely clean print- Much above average.

SG.87  Cat £475--  £110

4d Deep Carmine Wk Small Garter on Blued paper -neatly cancelled by part CDS/Duplex- Very much above average- SG.62   Cat £450 -   £135

4d Rose Carmine Very fine used cancelled by a neat upright Glasgow CDS-   SG.66  Cat £150-- £75  SOLD

1/-  Plae Green- Fine used cancelled by Pembroke CDS-- SG.73   Cat £350--£135

1/- Green Block of 6 with Inverted Wk-- Very good used-  SG.72 Cat £4200 (as singles)  -  £485

9d Straw with Inverted Wk - Fine used cancelled by neat 221 numeral of Leith-- SG.87wi  Cat £650-  £85

1/- Green with Inverted Wk  + on thick paper--Fine used cancelled by 498 numeral of Manchester- SG.90a  Cat £450--- £62   

4d Deep Rose Wk-Medium Garter-White paper-Very Fine used cancceled by fine Belfast dated cancel--SG.65 Cat £525--- £240  SOLD

4d Pale Carmine-Medium Garter-White paper-Good used with part CDS (+light bars) cancel-- SG.64  Cat £500--- -£58

4d Pale Rose- Fine neatly used cancelled by a neat London CDS-  SG.66a--Cat £150-  £76  SOLD

4d Rose Carmine-Very Good used cancelled by Dundee CDS- SG.66   Cat £150- £24

1/- Green-Good used quite neatly cancelled block of 4 - SG.70  Cat £1400 as a block of 4 -- £140

6d Deep Lilac cancelled by a fine Glasgow CDS (+small part red cds lower right)-Clean fresh, lovely colour and very attractive- SG.83 Cat £160-- £125   SOLD

9d Bistre- very fine used cancelled by neat 75 numeral of Birmingham- Lovely colour-fine perfs and centering-An attracive well balanced stamp- SG.86  Cat £575--£125  SOLD